Rick Muck- Mark IV

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Don't know what color that is, but if you get a code SPF will paint your chassis to any color spec for extra cost.

Perhaps Ronnie Spain knows what color or the owner so you can chase down the color.

Ron Scarboro

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There was also a "Diamond Blue" or "Skylight Blue", but they're all very close in shade. Unless the cars were side by side I doubt you would know. It'll be tough to tell on a monitor also.


Based on the above images, arcadian blue is closest, have sent a message to the restorers asking about the color.

Robert S.

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Anybody know what color this car is. It seems darker than arcadian and lighter than gulf.
I have no idea for certain. This first picture, for me, appears like it might be the Gulf light blue with an overcoat of too much white pearl. When too much pearl is used, it then becomes the base color under bright light, instead of presenting only as the highlight color that pearl is typically used for.

Most of the car surface is washed in bright ambient light, while those small areas inside the vents appear to be the Gulf light blue. This color changing affect usually only appears when a translucent pearl color is applied to a different base color, in the proper quantity.

My 2 cents.
Yes same car, what color is it. I saw one description calling it powder blue but that may just be sales speak.