Comparing handling characteristics

Hello all, first time posting.
I'm looking into building a rcr gt40.
wondering what the handling differences are between the rcr and the spf. Since superformance is still utilizing spaceframe tech and the rcr is updated.
the car will be DRIVEN with some track days.
Also curious about wear points, and fatigue.
we owned a ffr cobra and my friend had a spf cobra, we both raced and traded cars on track days, they handled very differently, so I can only imagine the same would apply the to rcr vs spf platforms.
Hoping to meet up with some local gt40 owners to see first hand the difference, fit and feel. Would be amazing to go for a ride.
Superformance is not a space frame, it’s a full steel monocoque that’s extremely close to original design.


Providing that both chassis are sufficiently stiff, I suspect any significant differences in handling would be due to suspension setup & tire choices.

Ian Anderson

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Find the weight of both cars, full tanks and driver…..I suspect theSPF would be 200 to 250 kg lighter than the RCR

that alone in acceleration, braking and cornering would give you your answer

BUT I cannot find definitive weights for either