Consumer Concern

Has anyone heard of a company out of Canada, "Toys for Really Big Boys" or "New Age Engineering" out of Toronto? Am I being scammed by this company? I've made a down-payment on a GT40 kit and am having a hard time arranging delivery.
I am sure this guy has been discussed here before. It may take you awhile, but use the search and go back at least a year (may be more). If i remember right, you do have a reason to be concerned. I seem to remember a link to a "kitcar" forum of some sort that had guys talking about how he has screwed them over.
Toys for Really Big Boys is a shame and has scammed many people.

I believe you will find something on Curt Scott has really unearthed a lot of unscrupulous people around the world.

Bill D
I have heard of them. They were at the Molson Indy a couple of years ago and had a cobra on display. Very Very bad replica. I will see if I still have their business card and re post with name and number if this helps.