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Hi Everyone,

I would welcome input on fitting Weber IDA's to my car. Many of you will have seen the car at the NEC Classic Motor Show and some of you will know it as the car built by Phil Thompson in Sussex. It is basically an MDA based vehicle and Phil appears to have done a superb job in putting it together - it has received many compliments.
For all the reasons you will all understand I would love it to have IDA's. But before leaping in I would welcome input from people with more knowledge/experience than myself. The engine is a Ford 302 (dating from 1989) rebuilt by Roadcraft and is currently fitted with an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb and it easily passed the appropriate emissions test as part of the IVA.
My first and most obvious question relates to the next MOT test ..... if fitted with IDA's would it stand any chance of passing.
Next comes the techie stuff ..... i.e. which parts, who from and who to do the conversion. I keep seeing the Webcon advert in the Club Mag and welcome input on this set up.
I would very much welcome input on who I could trust to carry out the work. No doubt many of you have been down this route.
Many thanks in advance for all input offered.
Hi Steve,

My technical knowledge is very limited I bought IDA’s a few years ago to go on my Southern GT build.

For what it is worth if I did not have them I would be getting a fuel injection Weber IDA style set up from Mick at Southern GT and I would be trusting him implicitly for any advice and to do any work required.

He has already converted quite a few cars including I believe his own.

P.S. Saw your car at the NEC and it deserves nothing but the best :)
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Steve, if it's webers that you have to have and you really want that combination to pass emissions tests and be as docile as your single 4bbl manifold is, you may want to consider IDF carbs as the can be substantially smaller in airflow, more responsive in a mild street engine. If I were you, I would look into the IDF combinations and keep the 4 BBL intake and carb combination for those times you need to be reinspected.. Yes a bit of work, but not as much as fiddling with 4 carburetors (actually 8 the way the engine sees them) in trying to get them to pass emissions tests on any given day..