Correct Slave Cylinder For the Graziano

Joel K

Hey Guys,

Getting ready to install the Graziano and was just cross referencing the Slave Cylinder part numbers with Kurtiss’s Graz install doc and realized my Slave Cylinder looks to be the Audi part# for the R-Tronic version of the Graziano. Not sure if it makes a difference but wanted to throw this out for some feedback before I reach out to RCR on Monday.

This is the part number I have 086141671L, Kurtiss‘ document listed the part as 086141671M

when you look these up on Jim Ellis Audi Parts

You can see the M is for non R-Tronic cars…

And the L is for R-Tronic cars…

Thanks for the help.
I'm looking into throwout bearings as well. The older L140 transaxle I have has a pricey OEM throwout bearing and I was hoping for a modern alternative. I asked over at lamborghini-talk referencing 2004 OEM PN#86141671M for the bearing and one of the vendors responded quickly that the manual transaxle uses the "M" designation and that the PN# is correct. Hope this helps a little, but I don't know if the L and M are interchangeable, maybe it's worth asking over there as well? The vendor was AMHParts/Exotic Clutch Technologies.

Joel K

Just to close this thread out. I heard back from RCR and the Graz ships with 086141671L. This is the part number that everyone has been using. So there may be two different part numbers for the slave cylinder, but for our purposes 086141671L works just fine.