Corvette with CV

Terry Oxandale

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I'd like to help, but not sure what you're looking for. I think the C4 had 28 spline, and the should be able to supply a micro-stub for CV use in them.
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I was looking at your part Chris but you aren't making them any more. The spindles are from a C4 Corvette. I counted 28 splines which fits the C4 hubs I got to fit the DBR bearing carriers I have. If a different hub would fit for which spindles with CV ends are available I would be happy to get those.

I read here on the forum some time ago that RCR uses a Corvette hub But if they are not C4 the number of splines will be different...Seems things differ from year to year (someone couldn't make up their mind).

I will contact RCR. Perhaps their hub will fit the DBR carriers. I can use what I have for another project so it would not be a total waste of money.

Anyone have other thoughts on this subject?
Just for the record I have gone to every Off Road, Driveshaft maker, machinest outfit in the area that I know of without results.
OOps on recount 27 splines Would be interested in speaking with anyone who has experience with the DBR rear bearing carriers...Buler...anyone..anyone?
Can you explain what it is your looking for ? I have spare C4 splined axles and CV's that I used on my DRB but not sure if this is what your looking for.

What you have is exactly what I need but by advice from Terry. I contacted The
Driveshaftshop and have a pair on the way. I do appreciate your offer.

Thanks to all for their responses. Once again forum collective knowledge has proven invaluable.