Crazy Defined

I was asked by Fran Hall of RCR to make a plexiglass windshield for a world speed record motorcycle. The form I was given is basically a half-cone shape with a flat portion on the top rear of the half-cone. Since the cone profile is only about 4 inches tall, I asked Fran how the driver would put his face under the shield or what. He said the driver lays on his back inside the bike and drives by looking up through a periscope. The windshield is to reduce drag over the periscope. Check out: Team Arrow Racing New Land Speed Record Set 8 to see pictures of the motorcycle and the driver laying within. They hold the world record at 228 mph for 500-cc engines and I believe are going for a new record with a larger engine like 600-cc. There are a couple of videos at the top of the page of speed runs that are short and worth watching for sure.