Cross Ram Individual Runner EFI Intakes 4-Sale


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Gent’s, I have 4 Individual Runner Cross Ram EFI intakes at auction for sale. Three of them are very well crafted sheet metal intakes for C3 Yates type heads on 8.2” deck SBF. The 4th is an Aussie Morrison intake for Windsor headed 8.2” deck SBF. Eye candy and serious pieces. Would make a nice set up for Cobra or mid-engine Ford powered car.
Sheet Metal Intakes:
Morrison Intake:


i currently own 2 of the autolite "A" version carbs and a strange manifold that has adaptor plates that are supplied with it ??. i am looking for a suitable manifold for a non-boss head. carb parts as well.. mostly gaskets and jets. what do you have ? call me at 800 421 4219 x101
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