Dash Demister Grill

Adam C.

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Coming soon! Correct 4-hole version with front tabs.

Looks great Adam.

Are they going to come with the brackets for holding down the front edge as the windscreen?

Regards Ryan
Thanks Adam,

Maybe I was not clear enough as in reading your answer i now realize that we may be talking about different parts. As you know, I have both a 4 bolt and a 6 bolt grill in my possession. The 4 bolt has two metal tabs, that are attached (spot welded? cant remember) onto the underside of the grill.

This image is from my build log.

My original question was in relation to how the front of the grill gets secured to the dash on the GT40. Is there just a slot that gets cut in the fibre glass dash for these to slide into or is there another "bracket" that these sit in?

I have never seen an original dash with this part removed and was not even sure if the 4 or 6 bolt was correct.

Sorry for my vague question before.

Regards Ryan

Adam C.

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I'd imagine there were slots cut in the dash, but I can't find any MKI pics to verify.
I don't think it would be possible to install the two front screws in the 6-bolt variant due to the slope of the windshield.
The MKII was different of course. It was a block-off plate with a couple bolts.
Adam, I agree with you regarding installing the front two bolt holes. They were angled back but only at an angle that matches the windscreen on the original donor vehicle, this was certainly a lot steeper in rake than found on the GT40. I presume the GT40 dash would be easier to remove than the donor dash, so it might be possible to install the dash vent pre dash install. Again, not sure how this all worked in the MK 1s and what was underneath the vents. I'm of the generation that was born well after the GT40s had finished racing and just enjoy researching and learning about them.



Adam C.

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I've heard that the recess in some replica dashes are a little undersized for the original Zephyr demister grill.
I checked my original and new grills in a friend's KVA-derivative dash, and can confirm that it is undersized 1-2mm.
I think folks should be prepared to do a little sanding/grinding to their dash to fit this grill.

Below are some screenshots overlaying my new grill (grey) with a laser scan of the original (tan). The louvers aren't bent down in my new CAD (too tedious to do!) but you can see that the perimeter and tab locations are an exact match. The new version is so accurate, I am at a very real risk of losing the original in the pile.

We had similar fit issues with the original face (eyeball) vents. It appears that many replica dash circular openings were made undersized to fit some other ball vent. Here's hoping that we can standardize on these original dimensions and clean up the hobby a bit.