Dean's GT-R build thread

Deans engine is fore sale in 'The Garage Sale' forum ( P2 and labeled 'Coyote Engine), you can read about it and what caused the failure there. Dont ask me why he has not posted on build thread for all his avid followers!
When I cut the dash for the gauge cluster it was pretty straight forward. I just traced the gauge bezel and drilled the hole to mount the gauges.

From the back you can see the aluminum nut rivots I used to make it easy to get the face off later.

The front edge of the dash is about 2 inches off the surface of the tub. I can't say yet whether this is good or bad but it seems to fit well in this position.

Time to start the wiring.
Dean, What are you doing with the 181?
Dean finished the car but his interests have changed and he already sold it. Car was at the Mid America Shelby meet in Tulsa with FASTLANE. Came out awesome!