Doc's SLC is SOLD to Jon Wang

Doc. I seriously thinking about it. Price is fair. Just trying to figure out cost on converting to street. Then everything I want to do to it.

For what it's worth, I think with Doc's and sending it to Allan, you very well could come out cheaper than buying a new one......with better drivetrain and suspension.
It is with great angst that I have decided to sell my SLC prior to completion. My work commitments (I provide emergency radiology for 14 states) and family commitments have absorbed all of my "free time" . If you come across someone who would like to complete a track-based SLC would you pass the contact along to me?

  • track tail
  • CF front splitter
  • CF front fender vents
  • CF NACA rear wing
  • CF rear window vents, no rear window
  • full roll-cage/side cage
  • Lexan windscrean
  • side splitters
  • no lights installed but ISIS wiring routed
  • drivers side external battery cut-off in side scoop (not wired yet)
  • doors hinged, no struts installed. Latches installed but no door pins yet
  • front and rear decks latched, rear wing hinged
  • LS7 balanced at factory and again at Machineworks: Ported, Jesel roller rockers and full Ti valve guides, springs, valves, etc., C6R profile camshaft & timing chain, AR stage-2 dry sump setup, Peterson oil tank, Setrab engine and gearbox coolers with T-stats, oil vent tank, steam vent AN braided hoses, 104mm intake manifold with AN fuel logs, 65 psi injectors, 105mm DBW throttle body with Granetelli AFM, black AN braided oil hoses, SS AN braided fuel hoses. engine harness redone for mid-engine configuration, water expansion tank driver's side, SS custom headers-rear outlet (no exhaust extensions yet), remote oil filter, 1000GPM fuel pump, filters, swirl pot, etc. all AN SS hoses for fuel, Harmon Racing fuel cell with sender, gold foil backing for fuel cell, rear bulkhead & upper square tubing, engine wiring routed to cockpit, sensor wiring routed (oil cooler wiring not completed), water hoses not connected to engine yet, CF high profile valve covers to clear high ratio roller rockers, remote coil mounts. no oil yet
  • Ricardo transaxle, oil cooler hoses not installed, slave hydraulic hose not installed, control cables go to mounted Ford Racing GT40 shifter. backup/speed control plugs done, case of Ford Ricardo oil, starter wiring installed. ARP half-shaft locking bolts safety wired
  • RaceLogic Traction Control wired with variable control box, senders mounted front and rear, manuals
  • Penske 8300 coilovers and heavy track use coils
  • Fireboy fire control system for engine and cockpit routed
  • Brembo brake SLC upgrade, lines per factory to Wilwood reservoirs, first iteration SLC pedal assembly converted to DBW, with brake bias cockpit control knob, needs brake light switch, no fluid yet
  • Titanium colored wheels SLC with Continental full slicks, ARP studs, tall Ti lug nuts
  • several steering wheels to choose from ( one with two control buttons)
  • custom CAN wiring harness from GMPP fuse box to cockpit (for CAN display dash connection)
  • TIG welded side pod coolant pipes/insulated
  • AC unit installed in dash, no pipes or air ducts connected, wiring mostly completed
  • RLC Data Logging Dash, with CAN connection, additional analog/digital channels, GPS, Camera connection, WiFi data output to pit control, with manuals, etc. Dash not mounted yet.
  • custom Porsche GT style seats with removable seat inserts for helmet clearance verses road use
  • Sabelt 6 point driver/passenger harnesses installed
  • braile battery installed
  • SLC provided radiator and fans installed
  • front brake caliper cooling shrouds installed
  • windshield wiper motor installed
  • ISIS modules and harnesses installed
  • full interior panels, SLC seats, Lexan side vented windows, Lexan headlight covers, dash not installed, tail lights/head lights not installed
  • I have a MAST ECU (with DBW), manuals and harness unused
  • I have the original SLC provided digital dash/GPS unused
  • Molleur rear hood scoop not installed
  • CF front canard set not installed
  • rear quarter belly pans riveted in place, have a rear center under engine pan cut to size but not installed
  • extra braided hose, AN fittings, all SLC specific items will go
  • SLC builders manual, many documents/receipts/contact info etc. All of my relevant photos/files will be downloaded for purchaser.
  • Included: Sloan KwikLoad open trailer with Ramsey winch (have loaded a track Viper and the SLC without problems
I'm sure I've left out something......I can send state of the build photos when time comes. Suggested asking price: $75K
I have more photos....these are just to give you an idea of build status.
Additional photos taken yesterday....


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