In addition to other ERA cars, this car has added front structure reinforcement that now allows the front of the car to be raised with the traditional lifting jack. The added front tow bar is also designed to allow the car to towed/tied down without fear of damaging the chassis or painted body panels.


I am interested in seeing images of the front structure reinforcement. The text says "allows the car to be raised with the traditional lifting jack" - I interpret that to mean the metal wheeled manual lever pit style lift frame, and not the remote-control deal that increases ride height for steep approach angles? And I conclude from that text to mean that the front ride height is static and not adjustable when in use (which would be fine enough).

Please show how car can be tied down/what the tow bar is?

Please show close-up of wheel face?
They look yummy from the oblique angle that you provided.

What is the fire suppression system? Halon?

Additional pictures taken outside would be well received on this end, although I would not be surprised if the car sold via the first set.
Nick's other SPF GT40.
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That’s a awesome perk right there. Good luck with your sale. It’s a beautifully built example.

Regards Brian


I will offer with the sale of the car, for free a double Wildfire CAR LIFT FOR FREE. I paid $10,000 for it and it is like new. I am moving cars to my other garage and won't need it.
Love my WILDFIRE lift…what a great deal. Awesome car and should sell quickly.
What was the month and year the car was completed? I am from Canada and in order to import a kit car it has to be built a min of 15years ago. Tks