Electric a/c compressor

So has anyone done an electric ac compressor? If so, what comp did you use and how was the performance?

I am really starting to lean this way since my battery is in front also (to pull the large power lines from), and it would keep all of the plumbing relatively easy and on just one end of the car instead of almost literally running the full circumference of it! I will also be running a 200amp alt, so I should have plenty of extra power to run it.

I have been looking at the Prius compressors, but, it has a second plug outside of plain power and I have no idea how they would need to be controlled outside of a simple on/off.


Boy, that's not cheap! But, figuring in what time it will take to run all the lines and building a bracket for the sanden on the 1uz, plus the idlers and redoing most of the front drive, it starts to come into perspective.
That control box is quite massive though. Thought it was an evaporator!

Howard Jones

I've been looking into this for the last few years. The problems is to produce enough BTU's of cooling. To do that you must expend quite a bit of power to do it. Something of the order of 4 kilowatts or about 6 hp. At 12Vs that's about 350 amps give or take.

Simply put. Nothing is available that can cool enough air at a low enough power consumption level yet. What we need is a compressor that can cool about 4 tons and only use about 30 amps to do it. That would require a 20 fold increase in efficiency over what is currently available.

The JEGs unit is cooling about 1.5 tons and using 30amps @30 volts to do it. That's about 75 amps at 12V. Then to cool 4 tons we need 3 of them for a total current draw of 225 Amps.

The technology isn't there yet.

Read this.

The 12V Climate Cooling Solution | REVOLT Electric Vehicles
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