Engine / gearbox sandwich plate.

Peter Barnes

Dry sump 260 / 289 ?
I have always thought that those holes in these newer castings were redundant detailing off the original ZF 4-bolt bell housing 7/5351 which was used in the days of the DOHC 255 engine and this had a full length and width alloy dry sump. The casting has two screw holes at the bottom of the rear end.
The Hewland bell housing for the 255 engine has a similar two holes.

Then again I am assuming the other bolts holes on both engines had the same geometry !
Hi James, Thanks for you thoughts.

take care, regards, Peter.

Peter Barnes

The "scoop" at the top of the Safir bellhousing is for strength, the original bellhousings were prone to cracking in this area.


Hi Graham,

Thanks. Mine has ended up a cross between the 2 bell housings ( photos above ). I kept the thick area between the 2 top bolts

Take care, regards, Peter.