ERA 2019


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Hello from Australia !

I am the proud owner of ERA No 2019. This award and first place trophy winning vehicle was professionally built by Huffaker Racing, Sears Point/Infideon raceway Ca . Folders of build sheets and photographs / details available. Only one in Australia known of ERA 2019 Plated 1965 Chassis: semi-monocoque structure. stainless steel Engine: Crawford "Quaterhorse" 302/347 c.i. 362/370 RWHP/T dyno Induction: TWM 8 stack DFI, Accel Gen & computer Transaxle: ZF 25-2 5 speed Halon fire extinguisher system Halibrand pin drive knock off wheels Twin fuel cell Air Conditioning Complete records / build pictures / description - many trophies and 'best car' awards from all over the USA. Includes thinkpad laptop with Accel Calmap program, PBX oxy sensors and computer for closed loop tune and a variety of parts / rubbers etc.
I had imported the vehicle to Australia in 2014 from the USA purchasing off this site.
It is fully registered here for road use in Queensland. 5800 mi

Unfortunately my situation has changed, and I would like to offer this beautiful car up for sale here.

I do understand that I have to be a 'supporting member' to advertise in the 'cars for sale' forum, for some reason the link that is supplied to achieve this seems to be broken.

Could one of you kind people please assist me so that I may be able to post the car for sale ?

Looking forward to your advice and thanking in advance.