Jack Mogus, a Virginia member going by BlackJack, posted on 7/17/2002 that he owned ERA #2057. He gave his phone number as (703)723-7276. This site has a lot of information, if you can find it. I recently bought a used ERA #2077 and am very happy with it. Good luck and keep us posted.
BlackJack was the owner of ERA car #2057, however I believe that Jack passed away, (I googled what I believe to be his obituary). Possibly the unfortunate reason this car is available. - Asphalt
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Jack M was the second owner of 2057. The car was originally built (and finished) by Gary Emery from a relatively basic (although painted) kit. From the single picture of the finished car that I have, it looks like it had the correct pin-drive wheels.
Jack did some updates (aluminum radiator, etc) though.