Evening all, a quick note to say 'hi'. I've recently sold my 67 Mustang that I spent 3 years restoring and am now on the hunt for a new project. I saw GT40's at the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup in Steamboat Springs in 2011 and took to them straightaway.

I'll be building my own (probably sourced from the UK as that's where I'm going to be based for a while), but as we move a lot (I'm in the military) I'm going to start with the engine - something I can work on as and when I have the time and money, and doesn't require too much space. I did quite a lot of work on the 289 in my Mustang and want to go to the next step of building up a SBF block to try and replicate those used in the MK1 GT40's. So that's my first mission - research what block is going to be best, how it needs to be modified, cylinder heads, etc. And then get building!

Looking forward to following the threads on this forum, exchanging views and seeking advice and opinion. Kev :thumbsup:

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com Kev...

You came to the right place!!! :thumbsup:

Doc Watson

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Send me a private message with email and I can give you what I have on gt40 engines. Its a pdf and is on the forum somewhere will search later. It lists the original parts used back in the day.

I have a 1972 302 block with a 20 thou overbore.

I was RAF.