I bought a few cars in a "package deal" and I'm not quite sure what I've got or what it might be worth. One of the four that I found yesterday is a Ford Avenger GT-40 Fiberfab replica that has been sitting under a tarp for the past 16 years, maybe longer. The tarp virtually disintegrated as I removed it. It sits on a full un-altered 1964 VW pan. The rear engine is a 1969 Corvair with some kind of racing cam controlled by a pair of Corvair one barrel carburetors. It has a Volkswagen 4 speed transmission with a VW Quick Shifter. It has dual front axels that are split allowing the front end height to be adjusted by a single bolt. While I am not familiar with these cars, the previous owner pointed out that this was the original "hand-laid" replica. He also said that the 1964 VW pan was the "formula V racer's choice". It has electric doors, Lucas windshield wipers, curved "roll-up" side windows, and Ford Mustang wing windows. He said that he customized the fender flairs, hood scoop, rear vent, and rear license plate pod. He also installed a license plate light which is required by law. Included is a spare Corvair engine that I found in the garage. Prior to being parked years ago, he said that he recorded a speed of 145 M.P.H. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Parker


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I once owned that body - it's a poor replica of the GT40. I promptly sold it off' It's what I call a poor man's replica. If it's complete, you might clean it up and list it on eBay to see what it will fetch.!

Based on the pictures you have posted I am guessing t you will spend a lot more money to turn this unit into a decent looking, road worthy unit than you could ever get from a sale.


Parker, I had one of these Fiberfab Avengers years ago. It was a fun little car but 145mph? It would do well to achieve 145 kph. Don't put a lot of effort & money into it, just basically clean it up a little and list it on eBay.
Hi Neil - Thank you. I just did (not the clean-up part!) If you want to follow it, the Ebay item number is 173945279319. Thanks again, Parker Hanson.