Just bought a FiberFab Valkyrie with Chevy small block

Hi, Erik K here in Ann Arbor MI. Yesterday I trailered home my new to me Valkyrie. I'm super excited about the car. The body and chassis are in great shape but it's been sitting in a barn for about 16 years. So I figure I'll have to go through the fuel system, brakes, cooling system, etc. And the side windows don't go up and down. First order of business is collecting information, what do I have, what parts fit, etc. So that's why I'm here. :)

First impression: Wow is the cabin tiny. Sitting on a mat on the floor my head touches the roof, and my knees are bent. It makes my Lotus Europa feel roomy and easy to get into.

I know only a little about the car. I'm told the engine is a 305. It's carbureted and has GM HEI ignition. The transaxle is Corvair, as is the rear suspension. The front suspension is production looking A arms, I don't know if Corvair or Pinto or what. It has rack and pinion steering.

I'm an experienced car and motorcycle mechanic as well as an engineer. But I'm new to the kit car world and this is the first Chevy engine I've ever owned.
Any advice, links to resources, encouragement, would be welcome. Thanks!

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Eric. It has been years since I’ve seen a Valkyrie. Good luck in your search. Back in about 84, I looked at one for sale. I passed on it, and went to Milwaukee and looked at the Cimbria SS. I didn’t end up buying either, but they both pretty small inside.
Please post pictures as you progress in your rebuild.
Enjoy the forum!!!
Regards Brian

Randy V

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Congratulations on your purchase Erik!
Welcome to GT40s!
Look though our build logs and feel free to start your own so you can share your journey with us.
You’ll find that most of the GT cars have semi-reclined seating to get your head lower.
Pay particular attention to this. One option for using a Corvair transaxle was to replace the cam oil pump gear, starter and modify the distributor an run it backwards. I had a Kelmark that was that way with the Corvair 6.

Problem is you're driving on the coast side of the ring and pinion and this makes lots of extra stress and heat.

I think there was also at one point a reverse cut RandP for this.

Just a heads up. Imagine the frustration you could suffer if this is the case and you don't notice and you have to replace the starter, then it'll never start again.
Thanks all! I downloaded the manuals, that's a great resource, exactly what I was looking for, thanks JP!
I'll check the direction of rotation, that's easy but I have not even tried to turn the engine yet.
I looked for build logs here, there isn't a forum category for them, is there a secret handshake way to find them?
I'll definitely start a build log, either here or at Grassroots Motorsports forum.
Well I would have called it brown. Yes it was recently advertised in Facebook, in Grand Rapids MI.
If I understand correctly, it was stored in Novi MI for many years after the previous owner passed away.
I started a build thread here:

Cranking it with the starter, the distributor on the small block Chevy turns clockwise so I think it does not have reverse rotation. The engine appears stock.