Finding the previous owner of my GTD40

I'm looking for the previous owner of the GTD40 I bought long time ago.

The car is registered on Mr J Pearse. I could find the V5 but he does not live on this adres. (I can sent a PM with his full name, don't want to hurt his privacy here)

When I search for the reg number I see that he was a member of the Gt40 Enthusiast Club back in time 199?
He had car 43 and was person 117 in the register. It was light metallic green with a dark green stripe on the side.(see photo's)

I'm looking for him to know more about the car. I have some problems with the registration and need his help.,

Perhaps somebody know where he lives now and forward my E-mail or telephone?

I hope someone could help me. it means a lot to me....




I had exactly the same problem following purchase of my GTD. I knew it had been first registered in the UK. If, as I suspect your car was too, then you should be be to confirm details of the first owner by contacting the UK vehicle registration authority. Address is: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, Longview Road, Swansea, SA99 1AJ, UK. I requested information from them, and for a small fee (£5) they sent me the full owner records for my car. The DVLA may be able to help with your registration problems too.