Five Stars for Auto Wiring Solutions


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Discovered a new vendor recently, and they get five stars from me for their products & service.

They are Auto Wiring Solutions, in San Antonio, TX. A mom & pop operation owned and operated by Mr. Bill Harloe & his wife. Bill is a "senior" type guy who has 30 years experience in automotive & industrial automation, and is currently employed full time for a major auto manufacturing company.

Bill's specialty is doing harnesses & pigtails, and his focus is on quality and punctuality, but I found his prices very attractive as well.

Bill just built a complete set of custom length sensor pigtails for the new milspec wiring harness that I'm building for my 1UZ project. We corresponded by email quite a bit before I gave him the order, and he kept me updated throughout the build, which only took about a week. He specialises in the GM/Delphi/Packard line of connectors (particularly the Metri-Pack), but can also obtain and professionally crimp most Toyota connectors.

My build was complicated a bit by me providing some of the pins for the Toyota connectors, which didn't fit. Bill recovered the situation nicely, and found the correct pins and still delivered the package well before my "gotta have" date.

Bill can be contacted on: autowiringsolutionsATsatxDOTrrDOTcom

Highly recommended if you need some custom pigtails and a quick turnaround.

Here are some pics of how the package arrived, and OK, pretty packaging doesn't necessarily mean a good product, but I've already disassembled several of the connectors and inspected his crimps, and found them to be superb: