1. D

    DOT Approved - Street Legal Harness

    Has anyone got any thoughts on a suitable harness that could pass Vehicle Inspection.? In Australia they must also have an ELR - Emergency Locking Retractor.
  2. PeteB

    Source for custom wiring harness?

    Well, I talked to my tuner today and the problem I'm having with my throttle is most likely a bad wiring harness. So I'm thinking instead of ripping out the entire GM engine harness, maybe I could just replace the wires from the ECU to the pedal and to the throttle body. Anyone know a good...
  3. K

    wire harness alternative

    not able to get infinity harness evidently they are not available for slc does anybody know what can be used instead?
  4. PeteB

    Ground wires on GM harmess

    With the throttle issues I'm having, thought I'd check the grounds on the GM harness. Manual says there are three, but I can't find them. Anyone know where on the harness they are?
  5. S

    Wiring harness question.

    My buddy wants to sell me a 21 circuit wiring harness with fuse box from a hot rod project he never finished. Is a 21 circuit harness enough for a GT40? I will be running electric radiator fans of course, electric fuel pump, electric oil pump and possibly electric oil cooler fans.
  6. cribbj

    Five Stars for Auto Wiring Solutions

    Discovered a new vendor recently, and they get five stars from me for their products & service. They are Auto Wiring Solutions, in San Antonio, TX. A mom & pop operation owned and operated by Mr. Bill Harloe & his wife. Bill is a "senior" type guy who has 30 years experience in automotive &...