FOR SALE: Sparco Racesuits

Due to a cancelled rally programme, I have the following Race Suits for sale:
SPARCO TOP 5 RACE SUIT. Shiny white top with blue arms and bottom.
Two colour, 3 layer, FIA approved.
Features soft knit nomex collar, fully floating arms, and extra panelling at base of spine.
Can be seen on page 10 of Demon Tweeks 2002 catalogue.
New price £511.00.
I have one pair, worn once (Monte Carlo Rally) Size 58 (109/112cms chest).
Price £200.00
I also have one pair Size 50 (93/96cms chest)
and one pair Size 56 (105/108cms chest)
These are brand new, unworn, in Sparco Carry Bags.
Price £300.00

Please contact me for further details.
Telephone: +44 (0)1228 537 200
Fax: +44 (0)1228 522 221

I noticed that the size of your driving suits
gets progressively larger.
My "horizon" has expanded with age too!

What do they equal in inches? We Yanks have
a mental block to the Metric system. I think
most of us feel that if we don't use it, it will go away!




Hi Geoff

Thanks for the race suit, it fits great. Your offer to take it back if it didn't fit was extra confidence. Just hope I never need its extra protection!

See you at a club meet soon