Ford GT and GT40s at Mecum Monterey

Dave Hood

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In case you didn't see it, here are the results of three interesting cars at the Mecum auction this weekend. I'm surprised that they sold the Shelby American GT40 for only $115,000. Someone lost a lot of money on that one. The other Superformance MKI went for much more money. The auction also featured the first ever 2017 Ford GT to be sold at auction. But it didn't sell.

2017 Ford GT Bid Goes On at $1.6 Million

Shelby American GT40 MKII Sold for $115,000

Superformance MKI Sold for $150,000
As I have said many time, auctions are not the place to sell these cars at real market prices. They are bought well under market by vultures. People like us that understand and value these cars do not bid at the big TV auctions.
I wonder why, according to the listing, the MKII "MUST BE SOLD TO AN OUT OF STATE RESIDENT OR LICENSED DEALER"???? Seems odd to exclude the entire California market.

Dave Hood

Lifetime Supporter
Pat, I assume the car doesn't have the SB 100 registration in California. And Rick, you're right. These auctions are fun to watch, but I'd never bring my car there if I wanted to sell it.
Dave, the SPF MkI P2359 bid closed at $150K and went to "Bid Goes On" status. We don't know if it sold later. But when you add the buyer's premium, transportation, taxes, it would be getting too close to retail to go for much more than that.

The Shelby MkII was a steal (I thought it was $105K), Hillbank has a black one FS right now for $325K. In June their Scottsdale unit had a consigned SPF rolling chassis with the same equipment for $130K or $160K with engine and trans included.

I agree, auctions are the last resort, when you just need to get rid of a car ...

How were they able to offer a 2017? I thought the selected buyers had to sign a contract with Ford that they could not sell for two years.
I know John Cena selling his 2017 GT sparked a lawsuit by Ford, but Cena's lawyer countered with the fact Cena signed a contract with a FL Dealership, not with Ford Motor Company. And in the dealer's contract, the 2 yr resale ban was not included in the paperwork. This car isn't Cena's (his was liquid blue) but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a similar situation. I would like to know the story behind it though. Wonder if Ford allocated a few cars to go to auction every few months, just to make even more money off them!?!?
Christopher Svensson, a Ford GT engineer died in July and took delivery of his Ford GT in April. I assume his estate would be able to sell it.