Ford GT Brochures

Rick, after what seemed a valiant effort with good communication last month, we have just eclipsed the 9 month mark, still with no brochure or refund.

Happy aniversary (sp?), Chris
I jumped in and sent payment via paypall too (11th feb).

As yet I have not received anything, or any further emails.
I emailed him directly again yesterday, so will wait and see if I get a response.
Rick this is the last I heard from you (Feb 8), its now surpassed 10 months, how about making good on this or refunding the $11.00.

Your stuff will be on the way,I did have you mixed up with another order. Sorry for the delay and the hard time. It will go out Wed as I need to stop and buy some more mailers.

mine were supposedly sent to me prior to the 9th march via air, and as yet no sign of them...

I've mailed him again (emails seem to get answered - well they have so far anyway).
After 11 months of this (to the day) I finally filed a buyer compaint with Paypal, maybe they will have more luck with you than I have had.