Ford GT40 Body Headlight Panel Zeus Cover Plate


Genuine Ford GT40 Body Panel Zeus Cover Plate (Only one plate, I am showing both sides.)

This is the cover panel from Ford GT40P MKI Chassis #1059 (Road Car) which my family use to own. We had a number of spare parts and this is one of those that was taken off the car during the restoration and replaced with a new one from the GT40 treasure crate as we called it. So this part is what was originally put on the car in 1966. Chassis #1059 was a small block show car that was painted Maroon for the Ford GT40 Dealer Poster.

This Zeus fitted chassis / front nose plate covers the area that houses the headlights just forward of the cock pit area. I do not know if it is right or left side or if that matters... Nor do I care...

This has the original paint from 1966 and all the dirt and grime of the subsequent years. The plate measures about 17.5” tall and 11.25” wide.

For you non-original GT40 owners... Here is your chance to own a Genuine piece of Ford Racing History. Frame it with other GT40 memorabilia or incorporate it into your GT40 Replica Build.
As proof of authenticity: I am the same Michael M. Frost credited for photos of #1059 as seen on page 52 of John Allen’s “FORD GT40 Super Profile” book printed in 1983.

If you own a real GT40P Road Car you will quickly recognize this plate…

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Sorry... I forgot...

Asking Price is $350.00 includes UPS Ground S&H, Insurance and any tax... Lower 48 US States only... contact me for S&H options for other parts of the USA and world.

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