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After the success of the GT 40 a group of Italian engineers Campagnoli projects, on behalf of the private Belgian team AR, Force-feed the 40 GT chassis, improving performance and safety. This created a prototype that was named GT40 FT (Ford GT40-Techno).

The Italian TECNO of Bologna, European champion in these years in Formula 3 and Formula 2, has not participated directly in the study of the project and development and has not considered ever "clean" the creation of this car. It is true that the team of Bologna has provided some elements of chassis of important and strategic vehicles (overhanging the engine cradle) between 1967 and 1971, the Tecno engines (the original 12-cylinder 3-liter boxer) and the granted registration of the chassis, which marked the only three GT40 FT, class prototypes, born in Italy at the hands of the engineering group lE Campagnoli, Emilia of Concordia sulla Secchia. The GT40 FT was in two versions: one powered by the 390 HP Ford 302 V8 engine and the 1971 version with the 12-cylinder engine of 2996 cc Techno 430 HP boxer (the same engine that will make its debut the year in Formula 1).

Part of the body in the fiberglass body, which was in all respects the GT 40 (except for the livery and some of the air intakes of the engine hood), the "GT 40 FT" had an absolutely original telaistica. The innovative technical features desired by the Italian designers provided for an ultra-light housing frame with rectangular steel and aluminum bars, which totally eliminates self-supporting parts, a modern 8-point rescue "shell" and 3 bridges that protect the pilot, provided for the safety current cell. The GT40 "Emilia" was brutal to download power and rigid, as all TECNO, but did not like the American clientele, despite 24 months of open test campaign SPA in Belgium to present the car, always he preferred the Anglo-American versions more "soft". The excellent engine TECNO fear for its presumed belonging to the fragile and the call of the Formula 1 not come abroad, also a network lacked support. In fact, the GT40 FT did not win the North American racers who wanted public a car of mamie turismo also use the road.

The Italian study has taken the GT40 FT to weigh 910 kg compared to 1000 kg gain GT40 in 1966. A recovery on the weight of 90 kg with a strengthened and improved safety frame. Being the Techno one of the house notes of the time of Italian seats, the 1971 GT40 FT had central steering wheel with displacement from the central body of the driver's seat. The tanks, made of aluminum, were already with shockproof fuel foam. The prototype of 1971, GT40 frame FT012, born with the engine 12 of Techno 2996 boxer cylinder cc. It was launched under the name "GT40 Formula Techno".

The "Emilian" GT40 Formula satisfied in 1970 the official Ford Argentina team bought two cars and engines predispose 6 302 5.0 l. V8 to perform the endurance races of the 1971 Continental Championship.

Ford GT40

Beginning of GT40 FT in Buenos Aires. Beginning of 1000 km "temporada" of 1970, real debut of the FT GT40, Ferrari and Porsche will see the GT40 FT with the number 16 red livery of the fourth row

The official list of awards that show the GT40 FT refer to endurance competitions in South America. The FT015 and FT016 frames raced for the classic Ford temperament team. In 1971, the GT40 FT chassis no. FT015, as Ford 302 V8 push engine, won the Class 2 classic 12 hours of Buenos Aires, Bragato and Zapala, with the Italian-Argentinian pilot Hector Luis Gradassi, who closed the year by winning the continental championship of category 2 FIA Gran Turismo "Carettera".

A curiosity, to start the track GT40 FT of 1970 (see photo), the livery of the Italian national team, red, to indicate the presence in the race of the GT as a car around the Italian as manufacturing and identification and not even an Argentine team .

The GT40 FT, frame FT013, faces the first race of European rank in 1970 at 1000 km of Nueburgring, led by Werner and Kranefuss. In the German classic, it was recognized as a Ford-May, the German team may modify the suspension and brakes as the original GT40 FT. The German crew, which ran with the number 16, started from the 16th row to the 32nd time.

The frames have the following numbers GT40 FT012 to FT016. The abbreviation "T" is the typical prefix of Tecno race cars in the category "Formula" and the progressive 12-16 indicated the model. Neither the specimens FT012 and 014, manufactured by AR stable private Belgian, appears at the time "historical" official competitions. The prototype FT013PP (Prototype-test) was destroyed during the tests in Modena in 1967. The frames FT015 and 16 RAN and won the South American continental championship (group 2) in 1971.

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