Ford /Shelby Paint Codes

I'm contemplating setting up a graphics/paint resource page for the MDA website that would list PPG and DuPont Ford/Shelby paint swatches and thier color codes from 1965 thru to 1970.

Also, I am in the middle of setting up a graphics info page that would have period correct sizes and layout of stripes, number roundels etc..

Would anyone find this a benefit? Shall I proceed?


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This would be a great help to me, as I'm currently trying to decide on a color scheme for my car.

Mark Charlton

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Great idea Chris. If I'm correct, you have a graphics background? Should result (especially from just what you've shown here) in a great resource of interest to lots of us. Will you have different views with changeable graphic overlays? what about a quicktime VR??? Look forward to more! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Hey Mark,

Kind of off topic but to answer your question, have a look at This is another side business I operate - designs are mine and website. I'll give you an idea of the quality I'll put into this little project.

Will try to play with an interactive colour selector on top of a GT40 and see how it looks.

Ok, I'll keep pluggin away then. Thanks for the input.
You don't see a 32ft cat in the driveway too often - or hear one at 2:00 AM! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

I'm the dopey guy on the top after a 6hr graphics install in my driveway.


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Yeah Man Go for it.
I have sprayed both PPG and Dupont and even though the Dupont cost more, it sure seems a whole lot better.
good luck with your project
Chris, I think you are on the right track. Many of us needs help with the colors, stripes and so on.

Go for it!

Best regards


Mark Charlton

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Hi Chris, Nice work on the boat graphics. They should have hired you to do the graphic schemes for Need for Speed! That looks like an awful lot of nights! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Hi Chris, Can you supply the paint mixing formula for 1966 Ford Monaco Red paint? My GT would have been painted in England at the Alan Mann race shop, early 1966.
These codes are for the Ford Cortina. This is not a complete list but most of the common EnFo colors are here. Even if there is no PPG dealer in your area, most dealers have a cross reference to whatever brand they sell.

Hope this helps-


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I think I may need to tell SPF how much room to leave so I can have "FORD" airbrushed into the sill strips, your 4th example down. How far back from the wheel well would the blank area start and how long would it be. In fact I may need to tell them the dimentions for all the sill strips. Is there a name for the font Ford used? Thanks for the help.
Hi Richard,

The overall height of the sill stripes I provide are 3 in. The front inner stripe is 4 in long with a 1/2in space and the word 'Ford' is 7 in in length. I had a hard time finding a decent looking font so I just re-created it from scratch.

I can make these sill stripes with 3M paint mask.

Hope that helps


I originally posted this in the wrong forum so this thread might be more usefull moved to the appropriate forum
"The overall height of the sill stripes I provide are 3 in. The front inner stripe is 4 in long with a 1/2in space and the word 'Ford' is 7 in in length. I had a hard time finding a decent looking font so I just re-created it from scratch.
I can make these sill stripes with 3M paint mask."

I guess I didn’t understand your answer at first. Does your answer means you can provide me with a paint mask for the "FORD" lettering? I would also think because you do it on a computer you could make it any high and width I needed depending on how SPF lays out the sill stripes, is that correct? You do beautiful work, thanks for the help.
Sorry for any confusion - I guess the simple answer is yes, I can make you a set of 'Ford' paint masks to fit within your sill stripes.

Let me know-

Chris that’s great news, thanks again for the help. Now for some of the other issues I have (only talking car issues here). I guess paint and the understanding of colors are just one of those things I will not have time to learn in my lifetime. I’m hoping I can find a paint (or color) expert out there in our forum that can help. I know the color I want to paint my new car but I would like it a bit darker, how do I make that happen? Do you just add black (told you I didn’t understand color). The base color I want is Guardsman Blue (the 1964 Ford Galaxy color) but would like it to more closely match the color on the poster of Fran Kress’s P1054. The lighting, film, or printing process they used to print Fran’s poster makes it much darker than the real car. Even some pictures of my own and other Guardsman Blue Cobra/Shelby’s, the color for some reason comes out darker in the pictures. I have another example. In the picture of the #37 65 GT350 by Brad Wagner (sorry I couldn't find a thumbnail of the print) the strips are almost black. I’ve seen this car in person and the paint is exactly the same as my 66 GT350, Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue strips. The real poster is even darker than the thumbnail I've added. If there is a problem with having the thumbnail I'm sorry and will gladly take it off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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