Frank Wigg - High quality ‘Toolroom’ GT40 replica built in New Zealand

KIWI, had access to a genuine GT40 that was in NZ for some time. Not sure how many he built, have an article by a motorsport magazine here in NZ at the time... never met the man myself, but believe he was with one of the F5000 cars in SFOS series several years ago, think Brian Stewart might know more.

Brian Stewart
I seem to recall Frank Wigg built maybe 5 cars. As far as I know, none remain in NZ. By all accounts they were fairly accurate and of high quality, but, never having seen one, I cannot attest to that. There are some parts shown in the video that differ slightly from an original, so he may have made some modifications/short-cuts if original parts were unavailable. The expected price seems like good value. Will be interesting to see what it ends up fetching.


It is an interesting car with a lot of correct bits. But it needs a restoration and to get rid of that awful roll bar.... Even if you did the restoration yourself figure you would drop $40K into a car that is only worth 120-150k when done. Otherwise put your money into a Superformance that does not need restoring. In the end you have something more valuable. However if I had 80k I would consider it.
I have met Frank a few years back when I purchased some GT40 books from him. If I recall it was 5 or 6 cars he built. As other stated he copied a genuine car that was in NZ at the time. He cast/had cast his own parts, wheels, uprights etc. I spend about 1 hour with him at the time with him showing me many pictures. He is not far from me. I should make contact again.
I believe you are correct and that car specifically was Trevor Booth's. He was a member on the forum years ago. I have pics of it when it was black and raced the targa as the guy in the video stated. Those tubs were riveted together as opposed to spot welded. Trevor lived in Australia when I last spoke with him.
Interesting. There is another riveted chassis getting around down in Victoria somewhere as well. I haven't seen it in person, only photos. Not sure what the underlying structure is. It did have a ZF box in the back of it and a 302 block.


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