Frankenferrari V12 308

Howard Jones

I ran across this on Grassroots Motorsports. This guy is in the same league as Project Binky. Mid-engined transversely located V12, (2 valve head block modified to accept 4 valve heads), fitted to the original 308 transmission with years of mill work) And lots of sawsall use on Ferrari pieces!

Hmmm... looks like he had a similar challenge with making headers work as I have on the transverse Coyote in my Miura. At least I wasn't quite as insane as this guy on modifying all the engine internals. If that motor makes the kind of power he thinks it will, somehow I don't think a 308 transaxle will be able to hold up to it.

Jim Rosenthal

I've heard about this car. Fast, but you can get almost as much power out of a 308 engine, bored out and with a 360 crank... without forced induction. Amazing.