From GT40 to Lola T70 MK3b build

Hello all,

It has been a long time since the last post on my GT40 build (A Riviera scratchbuilt) ...

I have first to apologize to all the people who asked for questions I did nor answered !
The main reason being that I was more focused on other projects ...

However, I took time to install an EFI ( 8 stacks with Megasquirt management ) on the GT40 , replacing the previous Edelbrock quadrajet carburetor .
And the car is still in good shape, with an usual activity of historic meetings, historic hillclimbs etc ...
GT40 Ampus - L.jpgGT40 Trigance L.jpg

But, more time consuming , I started to thinck about a new build : a Lola T70 MK3b ....

The main attractive features for me in this project being : Superb shape, V8 accessible engine, aluminum monocoque châssis ....

After several iterations : space frame chassis ? road with hypothetic registration ? track only ? , I came to the decision to build a
full period conform car and aim for a FIA HTP ( Historic Technical Passport ) ! Hum ...

But it has to be said that this decision was enhanced by the fact that a friend of me , Christian, took the same decision for him and we started both projects at the same time, with full synergy of activities .

Christian has a strong experience of building cars ; ie he re-built a Sbarro GT40 , he is finishing a period conform GT40 based on a David Brown chassis , etc ...
And very important, he bought years ago, from Franco Sbarro, a set of GRP molds and panels of the MK3b ; they are not in good shape and not usable as they are; but Christian decided not less than to make a new "Master" from the body old panels and make new molds ! Ouch ...

And he started the process a few weeks ago , with partial assistance of a small composite shop .
So, the body subject is on a very good direction and we should have the body panels for the 2 cars before end of year ...

MK3b Sbarro old body L.jpgMK3b master front L.jpgMK3b master door L.jpg

The core of the project is of course the chassis design and documents ; as I understood very early that the "Blue prints" are unaccessible, I started 2 years ago a "Reverse engineering" operation in order to create the minimum necessary drawings .
I had first the opportunity to spend a few hours on an original car ( Rebuilt 76/142 -The Lola experts will comment ...) ; then working mainly on the Web , on the T70 lounge and others ; thancks to all experts , and mainly to Marcus and his superb thread ....

I am at this time at an estimated 90 % of the data to have ; enought to start the chassis build ; old style pencil only , as I am always at the same CAD unskilled level!

We started the chassis build with the steel reinforcement parts ; I am in charge for this step on both cars ; pictures to come soon ...




You would be well advised to consider what John Horsman wrote in his book "Racing In The Rain". The JWAE GT40s won quite a few races even though the Lolas were lighter because something in the Lolas broke. Think about using a bit heavier gauge tubing, etc than in the originals.

A very important subject you pointed out , thanck you ; and the fact is that when I made the "Reverse engineering" work , I was surprised by the small gauge on axles, tubings etc ...which has been designed on the originals .
And I took the decision to re-evaluate a little bit the gauges when questionnable in my mind, axles mainly : ie 7/16" instead of 3/8" , etc ...
A recent step on the MK3b build : My "co-builder " Christian received the Hewland L600 box he ordered in UK from


As expected , the importation procedure was a little bit longer than it was ( You said Brexit ?..) but finalized without issues
The box is announced with very little use, as a spare box for a race team ...
He opened immediatly ; the internals have good visual appearance , but no control measures where made for the time being
The box was delivered with the following ratios :
1 24/50
2 26/42
3 31/38
4 34/35
5 36/38


By the same time, I made my contribution to the drive train of my car, buiding the gear lever ...Much more budget friendly than the LG 600 !

Lola levier de vitesses 2.JPGLola levier vitesse 1.JPG
Working nicely on table ; will see later with the box actuation efforts ...

I have one question for the experts : the lever is rotation free due to ball bearings utilization ; Is it a problem for future driving ?

I also went ahead on the steel enforcement parts of both chassis : Engine supports mainly
As most of the racing Mk3b I have seen, the upper posts will hold the FIA compliant anti-roll bar ; I decided for a 3 x 7/16" UNF bolts triangular plate , one bolt being dedicated for the upper rear arm 7/16" rod end .

MK3b engine support LH 2.jpgMK3b engine support LH 3.jpg
The "Reverse engineering" work on the chassis design is presently almost completed, exepted on the magnesium rear cross members ; See Marcus parts picture :

Lola 91 cross beam.jpg
We decided to make our parts from "good old 2017 alloy" and replace later with purchased magnesium parts .
I made a design from the miscellaneaous data I had and finalized with the following drawings :

UPPER LINK drawing picture.jpgLOWER LINK drawing picture.jpg
The point is that some dimensions may not be exactly the same as original , and the aluminum parts would not be replaceable by purchased magnesium in the future ...

So, I have a question for the MK3b community : do you have any information on the exact dimensions compared to what I show ( Red cotations - See the pdf files ) and woud you be kind enought to communicate ?
Every , even partial information, or memory , or else will be highly appreciated .
Thank you in advance for any action ...

And in fact , it will probably append that somme of the dimensions will be exact, but I dont presently know which they are !


  • Lola MKIIIb Rear Upper Link cotation.pdf
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  • Lola MKIIIb Rear Lower Link cotation .pdf
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The work on the GRP molds and first panels ( Christian side ) is going ahead .
The pictures show the front and rear clips first pieces and the corresponding spyder adjustment in the "master" ( Beige parts) . The windshield fits pretty well...
We should have the first body completed within 2/3 weeks ...


On my side , I am still working on the the steel parts elaboration : Top and bottom front links

Traverse avant basse.jpg
Traverse avant haute et tirants hauts.jpg

I postponed the rear links and gear box support until we get full confidence in the exact sizes...
I almost achieved the upper front link, and other related small parts, enought to use upper and bottom for preparing the chassis front panel .
Traverses avant 2.jpg

Traverses avant.jpg

Before , we have to achieve a critical task : measure the GRP body at the "strategic" points where it is linked to the chassis , and adjust slightly the chassis drawings accordingly, before first aluminum panels cutting and bending ...
This should be done by end of July .

Meantime , I had a productive exchange with Graham Turner who kindly proposed to check the rear crossmembers dimensions whe are looking for , on his very nice MK3b under construction .
Bonjour René
Je découvre seulement aujourd’hui ton nouveau sujet ( alors quil date d'1 an !!)
Bravo pour ce choix et cet ambitieux projet
Bon courage pour cette réalisation .....
Bonjour Michel

Merci des tes encouragements ; j'ai vu que tu es toujours bien présent sur le forum, contrairement à moi qui suis sujet à éclipses...
Mais le projet Lola ( En équipe , cette fois ci ..) avance bien et je prévois de me remettre à un reporting un peu plus dense dans dans les prochains mois .
En attendant : quelques photos récentes ....Lola 45 chassis.jpgLola 64 Caisson central riveté.jpgLola 70 Pods arrières.jpg

Bonjour René
Cela me fait vraiment grand plaisir que tu ais répondu sur le sujet .... As tu lu mon message privé ?
Ais perdu ton mail si tu veux échanger directement
Tu fais vraiment un super boulot !! ta chaudronnerie est digne des plus grands !!! Bravissimo !!!
J'ai lu que tu étais en contact avec Marcus ; lui aussi fait un travail impressionnant ; il ya bien longtemps je l'avais aidé de quelques menus détails qui me restait de mon époque LOLA il y 50 ans !!!!
Si tu as besoin c'est avec joie que je t'aiderais pour quoique ce soit qui puisse vous faire avancer ( je maitrise bien la 3D à présent !!!!!)
Amicalement ;) :)