From GT40 to Lola T70 MK3b build

Hello all,

It has been a long time since the last post on my GT40 build (A Riviera scratchbuilt) ...

I have first to apologize to all the people who asked for questions I did nor answered !
The main reason being that I was more focused on other projects ...

However, I took time to install an EFI ( 8 stacks with Megasquirt management ) on the GT40 , replacing the previous Edelbrock quadrajet carburetor .
And the car is still in good shape, with an usual activity of historic meetings, historic hillclimbs etc ...
GT40 Ampus - L.jpgGT40 Trigance L.jpg

But, more time consuming , I started to thinck about a new build : a Lola T70 MK3b ....

The main attractive features for me in this project being : Superb shape, V8 accessible engine, aluminum monocoque châssis ....

After several iterations : space frame chassis ? road with hypothetic registration ? track only ? , I came to the decision to build a
full period conform car and aim for a FIA HTP ( Historic Technical Passport ) ! Hum ...

But it has to be said that this decision was enhanced by the fact that a friend of me , Christian, took the same decision for him and we started both projects at the same time, with full synergy of activities .

Christian has a strong experience of building cars ; ie he re-built a Sbarro GT40 , he is finishing a period conform GT40 based on a David Brown chassis , etc ...
And very important, he bought years ago, from Franco Sbarro, a set of GRP molds and panels of the MK3b ; they are not in good shape and not usable as they are; but Christian decided not less than to make a new "Master" from the body old panels and make new molds ! Ouch ...

And he started the process a few weeks ago , with partial assistance of a small composite shop .
So, the body subject is on a very good direction and we should have the body panels for the 2 cars before end of year ...

MK3b Sbarro old body L.jpgMK3b master front L.jpgMK3b master door L.jpg

The core of the project is of course the chassis design and documents ; as I understood very early that the "Blue prints" are unaccessible, I started 2 years ago a "Reverse engineering" operation in order to create the minimum necessary drawings .
I had first the opportunity to spend a few hours on an original car ( Rebuilt 76/142 -The Lola experts will comment ...) ; then working mainly on the Web , on the T70 lounge and others ; thancks to all experts , and mainly to Marcus and his superb thread ....

I am at this time at an estimated 90 % of the data to have ; enought to start the chassis build ; old style pencil only , as I am always at the same CAD unskilled level!

We started the chassis build with the steel reinforcement parts ; I am in charge for this step on both cars ; pictures to come soon ...




You would be well advised to consider what John Horsman wrote in his book "Racing In The Rain". The JWAE GT40s won quite a few races even though the Lolas were lighter because something in the Lolas broke. Think about using a bit heavier gauge tubing, etc than in the originals.

A very important subject you pointed out , thanck you ; and the fact is that when I made the "Reverse engineering" work , I was surprised by the small gauge on axles, tubings etc ...which has been designed on the originals .
And I took the decision to re-evaluate a little bit the gauges when questionnable in my mind, axles mainly : ie 7/16" instead of 3/8" , etc ...
A recent step on the MK3b build : My "co-builder " Christian received the Hewland L600 box he ordered in UK from


As expected , the importation procedure was a little bit longer than it was ( You said Brexit ?..) but finalized without issues
The box is announced with very little use, as a spare box for a race team ...
He opened immediatly ; the internals have good visual appearance , but no control measures where made for the time being
The box was delivered with the following ratios :
1 24/50
2 26/42
3 31/38
4 34/35
5 36/38


By the same time, I made my contribution to the drive train of my car, buiding the gear lever ...Much more budget friendly than the LG 600 !

Lola levier de vitesses 2.JPGLola levier vitesse 1.JPG
Working nicely on table ; will see later with the box actuation efforts ...

I have one question for the experts : the lever is rotation free due to ball bearings utilization ; Is it a problem for future driving ?

I also went ahead on the steel enforcement parts of both chassis : Engine supports mainly
As most of the racing Mk3b I have seen, the upper posts will hold the FIA compliant anti-roll bar ; I decided for a 3 x 7/16" UNF bolts triangular plate , one bolt being dedicated for the upper rear arm 7/16" rod end .

MK3b engine support LH 2.jpgMK3b engine support LH 3.jpg
The "Reverse engineering" work on the chassis design is presently almost completed, exepted on the magnesium rear cross members ; See Marcus parts picture :

Lola 91 cross beam.jpg
We decided to make our parts from "good old 2017 alloy" and replace later with purchased magnesium parts .
I made a design from the miscellaneaous data I had and finalized with the following drawings :

UPPER LINK drawing picture.jpgLOWER LINK drawing picture.jpg
The point is that some dimensions may not be exactly the same as original , and the aluminum parts would not be replaceable by purchased magnesium in the future ...

So, I have a question for the MK3b community : do you have any information on the exact dimensions compared to what I show ( Red cotations - See the pdf files ) and woud you be kind enought to communicate ?
Every , even partial information, or memory , or else will be highly appreciated .
Thank you in advance for any action ...

And in fact , it will probably append that somme of the dimensions will be exact, but I dont presently know which they are !


The work on the GRP molds and first panels ( Christian side ) is going ahead .
The pictures show the front and rear clips first pieces and the corresponding spyder adjustment in the "master" ( Beige parts) . The windshield fits pretty well...
We should have the first body completed within 2/3 weeks ...


On my side , I am still working on the the steel parts elaboration : Top and bottom front links

Traverse avant basse.jpg
Traverse avant haute et tirants hauts.jpg

I postponed the rear links and gear box support until we get full confidence in the exact sizes...