Front Anti-Roll Bar Links and Ground Clearance

I have been having a great time driving my car in the real world (even in a slight drizzle in traffic a few days ago!) now that I have raised it a bit, and something which has also helped has been to trim down/shorten the front anti-roll bar links. About those links, I have seen several threads which talk about problems in relocating the lower part of the link farther back on the bracket that connects to the roll bar, itself, which would appear to result in raising both the link and the bracket, and admittedly, stiffening the effect of the bar (but every bit of additional ground clearance helps): Apparently, it can't be done, as the link is not long enough, it binds or there is some other issue. Has anyone actually tried this, or come up with another solution, or another type of link, etc? I even did a rough search through Summit racing on links, generally!

/s/ Chris
We have worked on a replacement bar end that would raise the connection above the lower arm but have not completed the work as we need a machine shop to do the work...but hey! We do have a SPF GT40 owner who owns a large such shop so maybe in the near future?