Front Dress - original small blocks?


As I await the delivery of my RCR GT40, I am digging into the lessons others have learned/solved. I am researching the front end of a small block: water pump, alternator, A/C compressor.

I see all the modern approaches but curious how it was done on the originals. I have not been able to locate many sites that have pictures of the original builds, let alone any pictures of the front end of their motors.

Does anyone have any pictures/comments they can share on the brackets used for these?


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The parts are typical the ones you may found on 289 or 302 engine block, mounted on Mustang 65 up to 69. Look at Mustang part supplier.


I used the oem alternator bracket, looks great works well, my AC bracket kicked out the compressor to where it hit a tube that supports the back
of the cockpit, now on to rev2 with a smaller compressor.
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