Fuel pump opinion?

Does anyone have a preference for electric fuel pump to run LS fuel injection? I need 60 psi+ and 100-200 gph. My aeromotive A1000 died and they want $225 to repair plus 3 to 4 weeks lead-time. Plus the 600 gph Aeromotive was overkill for 525hp.

So outside of aeromotive, any opinions on the Accel, Mallory? I didn't see a Holly that made 60psi+, they seem mostly for carburation or in-tank.

The Mallory and Accel came recommended but wanted to see what you guys think:
Mallory Ignition 5110FI - Mallory Comp Pump Fuel Pumps - Overview - SummitRacing.com

Amazon.com: ACCEL DFI 75709 Ultra-High Performance Fuel Pump: Automotive

As usual, i'm trying to keep it cost effective too...

Will Campbell

The Bosch Motorsport 044 is the classic alternative. Reliable, relatively inexpensive, and widely available.

Also meets the pressure and volume requirements. Some people run them with a voltage regulator like the Kenne-Bell unit to maintain minimum pressure/volume. Otherwise you end up running the risk of insufficient pressure when the pumps sees a lower voltage due to electrical loads in the car.
Are you sure it's dead? You havn't driven on it and unless you did something silly like running it constantly without fuel flowing through it, I can't see how they could charge you to repair it? Have you checked your wiring associated with it?

Btw, when I asked them how the a1000 equates in gph, I was told (I believe) 220gph at 7psi. Are you sure it does 600gph?
How much HP are you running? 600 Lbs/hr maybe. 600 Gph would be good for 4000 HP the A1000 is good up to 1500 HP still a bit over kill for a GT 40. the A 1000 is to big and unless you are running -10 suction lines you may be cavitating the suction of the pump which will shorten the pumps life considerably. to run that big a pump on 400-500 HP you should be powering it thru a pulse modulation pump control circuit. a better choice would be the 700HP pump model the Tsumami good for 110 GPH at 7 psi of gasoline
Will, thanks, i'll check out the Bosch.

Alex, Yes it's dead, i had to use a dead blow hammer to get it cranking. No I didn't run it longer than 10 seconds during priming. It shot a fountain of gas out of the line going to induction as we primed it. It just can't creat 60 psi. It's got 12V, i even jumped the wires directly to the fusebox. Both wires get too hot to touch. it's drawing alot of amps. The aeromotive guys think the brushes folded sideways. soultion: new motor $225.
Lynn, i should get 525 hp out of it. the 600 gph spec is free flowing.