FS USA New Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 fuel pump

I have one new Mallory Pro Comp Series 140 fuel pump left, sealed in the bag.

Part # 4150, 140 gph, 12 psi max, 3/8 NPT

From Summit:

These Comp Pump series electric fuel pumps are ideal for high performance street or race applications. They have a high-quality, permanent-magnet 12 V electric motor and feature factory-set base pressure. Intended for gasoline use, each pump assembly features a quiet, high-efficiency Gerotor design that provides stable output. The housings are fully machined and have a special design that allows for some adjustment of the output pressure. All Comp Pump series fuel pumps must be used with a fuel pressure regulator. The pumps are available in many different ratings, from 60 to 500 gph, with fuel pressure ranging from 4 to 100 psi. They're perfect for any carbureted or fuel injected engine!

Summit is currently selling it for $225.97. I'll sell it for $150 plus shipping from CO.