Garage Flooring - which design?

Hi all

Well I've decided to tile my garage and am going to design my own layout and then send off the designs to be made. I've come up with 2 potential designs in 2 colours.

1) small ford logo, blue
2) small ford logo, dark grey
3) big ford logo, blue
4) big ford logo, dark grey

Vote now for which one I should go for



I like the FORD blue....I used the U-coat It product with a Urethane clear over the color. You can have a vinyl logo made of the FORD scrip, and apply the coat of clear urethane over letters sealing the logo. Tough floor that looks good and is easy to clean.

I also just finished a porcelain floor which can take cold weather, and found a urethane grout that never has to be sealed or resealed making staining and clean up fast.
I like the small blue Ford as well. There's an epoxy grout on the market I've used called Spectra Lock and I really like. It's expensive but is suppose to be impervious to just about anything including red wine. It's not hard to use as long as you follow the instructions exactly.

Well its seems small blue is the winner. So my next job is to sort the flooring out. At the moment I am planning on either having a tiled system added from or to possibly fit some kind of rubber/pvc matting as it will work out much cheaper. Then I can stencil the matting.

Ill keep you posted