Gas Springs for Rear Clip

He was warned by the previous owner that it was a beast with lots of torque he may not be used to. I heard he may have had an altercation with a guard rail. While in the Army I was stationed just outside of Stuttgart. It's a beautiful country. Too bad I don't like beer. Let us know what you find.
Sorry about the thread drift.
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My struts also need replacement.... right now (with the worn struts) the rear clip barely does not stay open.... you might try to optimise the position slightly so that gravity keeps the rear clip open if this is possible....

Hope this helps...
Hi Markus,

Did you find any new struts? Since I live in Europe (Luxembourg) as weil, I‘m trying to find an alternative over here.


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Hello Dan,
Sorry - unfortunately I did not. I live somewhat remote and the parts stores around me do not stock those things in big variety.... :mad: