Gearbox driveshaft dimensions

Hi all,

I am sure I've seen some of these dimensions on previous poosts, but thought it might be handy to have them all in one place.

What I'd like to know are the following dimensions:
- input shaft diameter,
- input shaft length,
- driveshaft centreline below input shaft,
- distance from face of gearbox to driveshaft centreline

for the following boxes at least:
ZF 5DS 25,
Porsche 930,
Porsche G50 (I assume 50 & 52 are the same),
Audi 016,
Audi 01E,
Renault UN1.

Either post them here, or add a link to the relevant thread.

I'm hoping this might help some of us establish what likely alterations might be required for each option (e.g. inclined driveshafts, engine mounted further forward/lower),
or when considering swapping from one to another.

p.s. I'm personally interested in the dimensions for the LG600, T44, ZF, and G50/52. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

The LG600 dim are as follows:

Input shaft dia at the spline is: 1.125"
Input shaft length from edge of trans to end of shaft is 6.375"
Driveshaft centerline is 3.158 ABOVE the input shaft
distance from face of gearbox to driveshaft centerline is 6"

Attached is a tech spec page from Hewland's service manual.


I have the 016 semi-modelled in SolidWorks - at least the important stuff I need right now - basically what you are looking for. When I get a chance I'll put it into a JPEG format with dimensions, but I'll need help uploading it because I don't have a site to host it on.
Not to hijack your thread, but I think it would be beneficial to all to find out which main shafts and bellhousings need to be shortened, by how much and what is required to do it(assumption is 302/351). Some before and after piics would be great if anyone has a set.

Thanks guys, keep them coming.

no highjack there, my last paragraph does mention detailing any alterations that may be required /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Wow that LG must really make the engine sit low in the car !