Gerry Marshall Baby Bertha Vid

Gerry Marshall - literally a larger than life character. I remember his exit from the pits at Snetterton for practice in a Bill Blydenstein Vauxhall Viva - sideways down the pit lane - the marshalls just cheered.

He was also renowned for challenging people to sprint races in the car park otuside the bar after races for beer money. You can see the size of him in the video - but he was an astonishingly fast runner over a short distance...

He died doing what he loved best - driving a classic race car. He was found dead at the wheel parked up near the catch fencing at (I think) Goodwood.


It was Silverstone 2005, and as a former owner and racer of Al Unsers 1978 IROC Camaro I think that was a fitting end to his amazing career - it was a "challenging" car to say the least. The only other end I could possibly imagine for him is "racing" on a bar stool somewhere...

Sadly missed and without fear of contradiction I will confidently say we will never see the like again....:(

Great video, thanks...