Get a sports car for £20

Mike Pass

Gold Supporter
Al Melling, the maverick car man behind the TVR AJP V8 engine used in the cerbera etc. has been busy making cars near to me in Rochdale UK. He built the Hellcat which had 1,600hp but is now building the Wildcat. rather than sell the cars in the normal way he is offering them as a raffle. The tickets are £20 each. If they don't get 2000 tickets sold you get your money back.
Check out the car ( looks TVR Griffith style to me) and the deal behind this unique venture at Al Melling Sports Cars - Home of the Wildcat
I have seen some video footage of the car being driven very briskly over the local hills and dales as it featured on our local TV news. There are also some videos of Melling cars on You Tube.