Graham Turner's GT40s

Graham Turner\'s GT40s

If you have any first-hand knowledge OR CONTACT INFORMATION, please post "Consumer Watch" (hence forum name) info here ref Graham Turner's GT40s.

Folks, this is only my second post here so I know this is rather bold of me, but after doing a search in this category I discovered absolutely nothing about this man's cars. So, for other monitarily-challenged souls like myself who still hold out hope for a reasonably-priced remedy for terminal snake fever, please opine.

Thanks much!!
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Graham posts on this forum from time to time as GTA917.
You may be able to PM/email him via his profile. Otherwise I'm sure he'll reply to your post if he has the time.
He's a top bloke and I'm sure will point you in the right direction.

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...waiting patiently...
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I have met Graham a few times at Snetterton, the local circuit to both of us. His GT40 is stunning and if it is built to a budget it's difficult to see where! Graham is very approachable and helpfull, v. ready to chat even when he is busy prepping for the next race! I am sure if you can contact him he will be a valuable source of advice.
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Thanks, Ken. I'm really looking forward to hearing from him and looking at what he's done. I assume he doesn't have a web site...
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I spoke to Graham on the phone last week for nearly half an hour, and was very impressed with his approach and methods. I am seriously considering purchasing a chasis from him next year for my build.



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Doc Brooks,

Don't expect a sales pitch (or brochures!) from Graham as you may from the other manufacturers like MDA, Tornado, RF, ERA etc etc. He doesn't have a web site either.

His work is very good indeed.
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Strewth !!!!!!!

That article in "Performance Car" has certainly been an eye opener to me and the different comments from around the globe.
Malcolm is correct when he says that i do not have a brochure but i do have a web sight but it shows viewers that it is under construction. For a good reason ??????
I am not a "kit" supplier. I hand build/repair/rebuild race orientated sports racing cars and/or supply all the parts if need be to self builders at considerably less (usually) than most because i do not have the overheads that so many others do. I am basically a one man band who has certain standards that appeal to those who know me and use me.
There are ,however, only 24 hours in a day, and much of the time is absorbed with phone calls, callers, etc, who generally just want to pick my brains and have no intentions of serious business. Now don,t get me wrong that i do not want to be helpfull, but if i tell you that every single caller i have had (and there have been hundreds since that article) have all wanted different specifications so making it impossible to give a fixed price over the telephone or a price list/brochure. There is not a lot of cash floating around out there and my experience has taught me over the years that 99.9999 per cent of the time dealing with "potentials" costs me dearly on phone bills and very valuable hours. For some reason most people leave mobile phone numbers to call them on and they are expensive and i will not spend long on them.

At present i am repairing/respraying a complete Crossle 9 bodyshell etc for a customer, building a complete 40 for a customer, running my own 40, working on the new 917 as well as the existing one, supplying various bits and pieces, etc, etc, and writing this reply in a tea break while some fibreglass repair work is going "off".
So please do contact me if you have serious enquiries and you want no nonsense serious replies. If not please contact the other manufacturers and get their brochures. There is some good stuff out there and some great engineers but "all that glisters is not gold".........................

Finally, this is now the second thread on this subject and i stick by what i have said in the first one. You / I can build an outstanding 40 for a lot less than you think providing you are serious and do not live in "Cloud Cuckoo Land".

Back to work,

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No building gt40's until you start duplicating 917's! You can't leave us 917 fans at the mercy of the guys from down under.

I call Graham on my nickel (or that was about $50 US by the time I was done, but he saved me from spending many times that on a so-so porsche replica)
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Don,t worry.
I,m going to finish the current customer build and then go flat out on the 917s.There are just too many GT40 constructors and suppliers about, and over here just too many regulations to be able to retain original correct looking 40s.
So you folks over the pond are going to be in for a treat if you are patient and all i will say is "watch this space".


Graham @ GTA.