Greetings from a GT40 enthousiast in The Netherlands

Hello Everyone,

My name is Dave Grispen
I live as you can tell from the header in The Netherlands.
I have been a Ford fan all my life, and owned a lot of different cars from the Ford Family.
-European Ford capri's
- " " Ford Escorts
- American Ford Mustangs.

Now i own a 2013 Ford mustang
A 1969 Ford Mustang sportsroof pro touring/restomod
And starting now on my MK1 GT40 replica that i am scratch building all by my self together with my enthousiastic 5,5 year old son that loves racecars, Father/son Project( and hopefully with some info help from my forum members)
What i have now is a almost finished feame identical to Active Power frame.
An Audi OA2 transaxle from a 2002 A4 2.5 TDI convertible.
Body buck files( because i am making an aluminium version of the MK1)
1969 351w 4v engine 290 hp stock
And a complete Corvette C5 supsension.

The rest is coming

Looking forward to having a lot of fun with building it and hope to get a lot of new friends and help here on the forum.

Kind regards Dave


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Brian Kissel

Staff member
Lifetime Supporter
Welcome to GT40's Dave. Nice introduction. Very nice Mustang. Please start a build thread, and continue to keep us updated, including pictures !!
Good luck with your build.
Enjoy the forum.

Regards Brian
Welcome Dave. As a fellow Dutch man, I can assure you that you'll find all the info you'll need on this board.
There are five roadlegal '40s in Holland and a few FIA racecars.
There are about three build projects going on.
I own a roadlegal mk2.