Greetings from western PA

Hi all. I recently ordered a Superlite GT-R and am expecting delivery this fall. I am completely green. No experience whatsoever just a dream and years of saving every dime have gotten me to this point. I am certain that i will rely on the experience and generosity of time from each of you so Thank you in advance. My shop is ready so as I wait what is your advice as to the most effective use of my time. Anything i can get started on? Also, any pics from the dsy you took delivery of your kit to keep me going? Thank you all. I look forward to interacting with you and hope someday to pay it forward to future builders.

Brian Kissel

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Hello, please see your pm.
There are a lot of incredible builders on this site. I would personally read every build thread that I could find. Not just on the GTR, but all cars. Make a notebook of ideas that you like and think you might want to incorporate in your build. Keep track of the builders name and the forum post so you can easily find it again. Think about your gearbox you are going to use, then build your engine according to the strength of the gearbox, and your intended usage. Ask tons of questions.
Please enjoy the forum !!
Regards Brian

Joel K

Congrats Evan,

Brian’s advice is spot on. I am a first time builder too and during the wait for my SLC I reviewed every detailed build thread and blog I could find. SLC, GT-R, GT40 and a couple Factory Five Daytona Coupe Build and GTM threads. There are some great video series on YouTube worth watching, Allan’s SLC video series and also a GTM video series by Fasthings to name a couple.

There are unique approaches to all these builds and none are the same. Then narrow down what you want your build to be.

I planed where various components would be mounted, what heat and sound proofing to use, Created a list of what additional components I was going to need to order with part numbers and links. Also in what order I would build the car. For. me it was a helpful exercise to go through.