GT40 MK2 body shell parts { Tornado I believe }

Hello All

KIT CAR shell and body components { fiber glass } taken off an original 66 GT40 MK2
also included are a set of Mike Osbourne plans for the complete chassis to be built from scratch showing all detail including suspension and adaptor plate for transaxle

Missing is the center section pillars and door surround but can be easily made and dimensionally easy to get all details.

Included is a splash mold off an original car so the roof line can be replicated { seen in pics }

What you see in pics is what you get.

Bridge now open to cross into CANADA I am close to USA Canada crossing at PORT HURON in Michigan { 1 hr }

If ever wanted to own a GT40 kit here is the CHEAPEST way to begin with the correct look.
All aftermarket parts to complete are available in the KITCAR world

I have pics I can share. email me at [email protected]

Buyer responsible for pickup

$4500 USD

Randy V

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Photos, and ability to ship are required here.
Please post those updates or this thread will need to go away..
Thank you..

Andy Sheldon

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Certainly not one of our body shells.

It looks ..................... err

well make your own mind up


Brian Kissel

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Ethan, Devin hasn’t signed back onto the forum since August 15, 2021.
I’m relatively sure it has been sold.

Regards Brian
damn that sucks… do you know of any sellers that sell cheap gt40 mkII body panels? Just the body. Cause I’ve been looking and can’t find much. Thanks

Brian Kissel

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Ethan. Think of it this way.
“Good isn’t cheap, cheap isn’t good “.
There is a reason body panels are usually sold with a chassis. Better to look into a complete kit. Most complete one off builds are rarely completed .
Not trying to talk you out of your dream, but these manufacturers have done a lot of engineering to get their kits to a marketable level.
These are just my opinions and others will have their own.
Good luck with your search.

Regards Brian
Thanks for the input. I’m doing this project with my dad and we only have a 10k budget( I know it’s gonna end up like 30k) so we were going to make our own chassis from pictures online. Thanks tho.