GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed *SOLD*

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My focus was to make this as nice/practical a "reliable/street driver" as possible.

Extra attention has been spent on (often overlooked) important items, such as;
a reliable self bleeding cooling system,
a/c climate& control plumbing,
WIRING!, and heat/sound insulation.

The engine is a mild (302) 5.0 balanced & assembled using all ARP fasteners & quality pieces

The car is currently "unfinished", with all the hard stuff done, and done right.

Here is a complete list of what is needed to finish the car:

sanden 508 a/c compressor, mounting bracket, and belt
pulse generator for the speedometer
finish welding/fabbing exhaust headers (65% done)
radiator hoses & clamps
heater control valve
cables for shifter,accel, and p-brake
accel pedal
interior upholstery (ie-carpet,seat covering)
battery, and alternator
final paintwork

All bodywork is done by a fiberglass guy with over 15 years exp.,,,,and body is in final primer. This body is nice and had alot of hours put into making it that way.
The car is ready to spray color on it!

I'm considering selling the car with two options:

#1: the buyer comes & gets the car "as is" and finshes it himself/herself.

#2: the buyer makes a deal with me & sends me a deposit,
and I'll have it painted the color of your choice and finish the assembly by an agreed date.
I'm talking 100 percent ready to drive anywhere,,, no overheating, no wiring issues, ice cold a/c, working heater.

For those who don't know, I have over 24 years experience as a Mercedes tech, have built numerous racecars,cobras,hotrods, and am an authorized builder for premier motorsports.

Only selling to raise funds for purchase of building.
see many detailed pics here, just click on GT40NZ part 1 and part 2 to see all the pics
web page

detailed specs:
Fiberglass GT40 replication body from New Zealand.
Body has been prepped for paint and is in final primer.
Mods/fixes to body were:
#1 cut out and rebuilt nose jamb area, then installed in the center of the front end (it was off originally)
#2 made a new dual nostril nose section
#3 removed the passenger side bump in the cowl(and front clip) for wiper (had 2 only need 1)
#4 many hours of fairing, filling,sanding to get all body panels to fit and line up properly

car has all needed lights, door handles, and exterior trim pieces

Powder painted “black chrome”
Left hand drive with center shift
1 inch dropped floor (steel)
adjustable steering column mount with heim joints
clad in aluminum (& some stainless) paneling
all “through holes” in chassis re-inforced with a welded tube

Tubular front control arms (double shear mounted)
Corrolla rack and pinion steering
Koni adjustable coil over shocks F&R
Heim joints used throughout
Most suspension pieces powder painted bright silver
Adjustable front and rear sway bars

Tilton floor mounted pedal assembly, w/adjustabel F/R bias
Braided hoses at calipers
Wilwood dynalite and superlite 4 piston calipers
Wilwood p-brake calipers
Slotted and drilled front rotors, vented rear rotors

Vinyl covered dash and center console
Autometer carbon fiber gauges
Custom A/C heater control panel
Mercedes multi funtion switch(turn signal,hi-low beam, wiper,etc)
Mountney flat three spoke steering wheel w/custom machined hub (similar to original GT40)
Splined quick release for steering wheel
Carbon look shift handle
Mercedes dome light
Fiberglass “un upholstered” GT40 type seatshells
p-brake lever
tapered seat mounts

mini fusebox
custom made harness by me, with drawings
relays for fuel pump, a/c, hi beam, lo beam, fog lights, and horn, & fans
all wiring covered.loomed , properly secured and grommeted
all wiring travels along pass side door sill.
Fuse box,relays, alt and batt all mount on pass side of car.
cenntech custom adjustable relay for fan
MSD ignition system mounted behind the seat
MSD coil and Mallory unilite dist
Engine firewall has a quick connectplug to disconnect all engine compartment wiring for engine.

edlebrock carb w/edelbrock fuel feed & inline filter
carter elec fuel pump
fuel press regulator
fuel switchover valve to operate left or right tanks
two ten gallon alum fuel tanks with explosafe material
two fuel filters mounted between tanks and fuel valve
top of door sills covered with stainless paneling and stainless rivits & seam sealer over fuel tanks
two fuel gauges
correct appearing GT40 fuel fillers, with a stock type cap underneath (similar to FFR fuel cap set up)

Brass 6 core radiator with dual fans
Stainless steel cooling lines for front to rear transfer
Bleed lines on top of radiator and on rear of intake manifold continuosly purge air to puke tank
Spun aluminum puke tank with Mercedes 20 pound cap

Vintage air condensor
Compact hot rod air evaporator/heater box
Custom control panel
All hoses which pass through a panel use bulkhead fittings
All A/C hoses professionally crimped
Front to rear transfer is by solid alum tubing on drivers door sill
Dash has four forward and two defrost ducts
Vacuum resevoir mounted in engine compartment and vacuum hardline is plumbed for heater control valve

Team 3 16 inch wheels w/z rated sumitomo HTRZ tires 255/50 rear and 205 front

5.0 (302) balanced, assembled using ARP fasteners
Armondos GT40 oil pan
Canton oil filter adapter and oil filter housing
Trick flow heads w motorsport rocker arms
B303 cam
Stage 8 header bolts and alum header gaskets
Motorsport valve covers w stainless bolts
Powder painted edelbrock performer intake w stainless bolts
Explorer timing cover and water pump
Fidanza alum flywheel
Spec 10.5 inch clutch
Small starter
Hydraulic clutch
Renault (factory reman) transaxle
HD upgraded input shaft and custom shift linkage

Door hold down brackets, F&R body stays, misc trim
Rare and expensive cibie headlights w/curved lens
All tail and marker lights,
3 different types of sound and heat insulation used depending on location.

This kit is:
in the USA (Kansas),

can be delivered to your door within a few days of transaction,

has had most of the expensive (hard) work already done,

needs minimal investment (less than $10k) to be completed,

and is NOT a mess someone has "given up" on.

see pics here:

web page

Alain (Alan) Vanhollebeke
[email protected]
785 228 2440 daytime mon-fri
Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

I will consider trades, and am a serious seller.
Reasonably priced at $45k . (all serious cash offers considered)

[email protected]

I am purchasing a commercial building on the 19th of December & wish to use funds from this sale to help with the purchase.

If the car is not sold by then, I will more than likely take it off the market and finish it as time allows.

If you are in the USA and want to be on the road in a GT40 by springtime, here is your chance!



Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Reduced to $40k ! if deposit is recieved by next friday the 16th, the whole thing is yours for $40,000 !!!!
That is what a kit alone will run you from most manufactureres!

[email protected]

785 228 2440

Don't wait, because it will not be this cheap for long!
Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Oh boy that's a good deal.
Why aren't you US guys jumping all over Alain? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
Trust me, "nice/practical a "reliable/street driver" " is EXACTLY what you want from a '40.
Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

They should be all over you like ulgy on an ape to get that car for that price with all those goodies.
/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/twocents.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

If you are serious about getting into a 40 this is a tremendous deal. Alain's work is top notch too.
Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Hersh, Neal, thanks for the positive words.

I've had alot of emails and phone calls on the car, so I know people are looking and are interested..... I just need to see who will be the first to make the commitment.

here's a look at the custom aluminum hub that I made for the quick release steering wheel.
This piece looks good (period style) yet is very functional.



Howard Jones

Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Man there must be a lot of bullshitters on this forum if this car isn't sold yet. From what I can see it is worth at least $10,000 more that that and if the body work is really ready for paint hell it could be $20,000 discounted. Just ask Lynn what he has in his body/paint job ?

I KNOW what the gearbox is worth. The upgrade input shaft would cost $2000 to do IF you could get the parts. That box is worth right at 5 grand!

The powertrain is worth $10,000 easy!!! And you can't buy the rest of the car at that stage of build for 40K. Just LOOK at the workmanship. Do you guys have any idea what that cost? That level of labor cost damn hear a 100 bucks an hour out here in Calif. There must be 100s of hours into it allready and youre getting it for FREE!!!!!

If one of you guys in the USA REALLY want's a car this is it! This is as good a deal as I've ever seen on this forum since Rick M's car. I bet their are a few sorry guys out there that let that one get away.

Shit, I wish I didn't have a car already so I could buy this one!
This car would take most 1st timers 3-5 years to complete from scratch and they would have over $80,000 into it when they were done years from now. I would pay the man and have him finish this car and be done with it.

Howard Jones

Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

I should make a correction to my post above, that mainshaft upgrade costs $3000 and I should have said 6K for the gearbox.
Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Those of us that can not afford a turnkey probably can't afford a partial build that is nearly done since the cost is well above the basic kit cost.

Many of us start with partial builds,
and spend the additional money and invest sweat equity required over
time since that's what our circumstances dictate, even though in the end we may have the same or more $$ invested
than paying more up front.

Short of a fire sale...I've found it a LOT easier to sell completed cars than "nearly" completed cars...even if the price difference would seem to be attractive.
Best of luck Alain

PS...what's going on with Premier's GT ?


Howard Jones

Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Alain, If the new owner is interested then he would be welcome to contact me and join our loose group of GT40 owners. He/She? might get a couple of free beers out of the deal. Anyway I'm glad you got it done and I hope all parties are happy with the deal.

I suspect someone got a very nice car at a very good price.
Re: GT40 NZ in the USA, unfinihsed

Yes, both parties are satisfied with the deal.
I don't think the new owner posts here,,,,,,but I'll tell him about the site.
Alain- just found this site & thread. I missed out on a opportunity of buying/trading you for a GT-40. I have a 427 Cobra & would have liked to discuss a deal. You in Kansas, me in Nebraska.....would have made it easy. Glad you were able to sell it though.
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