GT40 replica wanted

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for buying a GT40 replica with the date of first registration between 1966-1971. Unfortunately, it's compulsory to register it in Switzerland...

Moreover, it would be better if it's a left hand drive with the central gear change. I know some kits are available to change from RHD to LHD for the tornado but I don't know if it does exist for the other manufacturer (CAV, ERA, MDA, GTD,...)

I'm searching abroad because there are only a few "street legal" replicas in Switzerland and the prices are extortionate. There are no cars for sale and when there is one, it's not for less than 120,000 € :stunned:...

Thank you in advance for your answers

My name is Rebecca Dolan. I have a 02' CAV (california advanced vehicle) GT40 I could sell. It is located in Gilroy California (USA). Equiped with a Ford 302 from Salinas Valley Ford and rockers etc purchased on 12/7/2002. it is a Monocoque chassis, Kevlar fiber body. Electromotive electronic fuel injection with a custom cool air box for ultimate air intake. bundle of snake exhaust and a ZF transaxle. custom beefy sub frame for solid motor performance. and custom stainless hinges for the back clip.

My registration is dated 2002, but I have a SMOG exempt sticker on the car. not sure if that takes care of your registration problem.
email or call if interested. [email protected]

I would consider selling this car. email for pictures.
Patrick Dolan built this car, but he builds board track motorbikes now, but is an excellent fabricator for a glimse into how good go

Rebecca Dolan
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"I'm looking for buying a GT40 replica with the date of first registration between 1966-1971."

Aurelin, First, welcome!

Regarding your request the above is confusing to me. My car for instance is titled and registered here in Florida, USA, as a 1966 Ford GT 40 and comes with an "antique" registration plate/tag even though the car was actually built between 2005 & 2007. Would a car like mine still fit within the confines of your request and be available to you to register in Switzerland? Your response may help others to decide to offer their cars.

Tim Kay

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Aurelin, I too have a GT40 (Tornado) that has a "1966 Ford GT40" registration, LHD/LHS not formally up for sale but I recently purchased an SPF 40 and garage space is running low!

Thanks for your quick replies

Today I asked several people and also the authority and their answers weren't the same so it's also very confusing for me!

One mechanic told me that they only look at the first registration date, which is for a lot replica "1966". But he also told me that the UK replicas were all at the beginning registered in 1996 but the laws changed around year 2000 and now they are built in 20xx so they should fit the laws of the year they have been built (meaning security, pollution, noise,...).

One person who has a gt40 replica (a tornado which is street legal in Switzerland) told me that is possible to buy a kit and build it and then make it approved by the autority if we've got "good papers". Unfortunately I don't know what does "good papers" means...

And when I went to the authority, they told me they don't look only at the 1st registration date but also at the building date.
I've got a rdv on Thursday with the specialist. I know someone who is selling a KVA built in 2008, and with the first registration in 1966. This KVA is apparently not approvable in Switzerland so I will show him these papers and I hope I will have a clear answer...

The problem is that if the authority refers to 1966 laws, everything is ok in Switzerland, but if they refer to 2004 (for example), it is absolutely impossible to drive it. I will tell you more on Thursday after my rdv...

And to answer your replies,

-Rebecca, I don't think your car would fit the Swiss laws but thanks for your answer...
-tractorboy, I don't know yet exactly. Does the date 2007 appear somewhere on the paper of the car?
-aladinsane, When has your car been built?

Tim Kay

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....-aladinsane, When has your car been built?
I have some original documentation dating back to 1996 when the builder\1st owner registered the Tornado. I thought I had some build data but in review of the folder I only have information pertaining to registration applications.


So this morning I asked the authority and I've got an answer. So they will look at the date of the first registration but not only. As they know the car is a replica, they will also look at the date of building. So I have to show them a paper from the manufacturer with the building date (and it must be before 1971, due to the change of laws in Switzerland). Moreover (all these papers are not enough...:furious:), for a car like that, they always ask for a "passport FIVA" (passport from the worldwide organisation for historic vehicles) which certify the historic of the car. So it's hard to make it approved.

They also told me that if they don't have any certificate from the manufacturer with the date of building, they will took the current year so the car must fit the 2013 laws... The certificate is compulsory.

I would have questions to the gt40 replicas owners. Have you got a paper with the building date of your car? Do you know if some manufacturers put the date of 1971 (or before) as a date of building?

Thank you in advance for your replies


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Now we know where all the Nazis ended up after the war. Just kidding but sheesh glad we have a little more freedom where I live at least for now. It sounds like unless you are prepared to purchase an original, you probably should start looking at different cars than a replica GT40 sorry.
Ha ha ha
Yes forget that idea to homologate a gt 40 !!!!!!
people you meet on your government where probably aware of how to find away to convince you not to go on such project !!
1/ before 1971 very rare where the kit avaible and it was easier to buy real one from teams !!
2/ if someone have done that he must have a bill of 1971 purchase and some log book of his building ( form what I remeber the net was not so current LOL)
3/ Forget the idea of obtaining an FIA HRC papers for akit car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So good luck in your project and let us know how you are going into ?

May be go to UK, buy a house ; ask her Majesty to be a Uk resident and then just buy one these magnificent GT 40 being in sale ?

Ian Anderson

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Or buy one in the UK
And leave it registered and insured as a UK car

You will need to return to the UK once a year for the annual MOT inspection, and pay for another year Tax disc

Unfortunately, as soon as I get a new info, it becomes harder to homologate in CH.

I will keep on searching to find a solution but it seems to be hard. :cry:

I will let you know as soon as I've got news.

And I've got a question for Ian, How much (approximately) would all (insurance, taxes,...) cost if I let it as a UK car? Is the MOT inspection inevitably every year or is there a possibility to have it less often ?
With European rules you have to be resident ( even if you do not live exactly on that address) on where the car is homologated
You need to go out of the country you use it every 6 months andthe car can come back one week after for another period of time of six months etc etc
Concerning insurance it's far better to insure the car in the country where you are supposed to be resident ( an Uk car is better insured with uk company and with an european use )
All this stuff it's ok until you do not have a big accident with personal damage or others injury due to the fact as soonit is a serious issue , insurance tend to ask to specialists ( say "Expert" in French) to do an inquiry to minimise the amount of money they will give back ; so if they discover that " stratagem" you will probably have some questions to reply to government officers !!!
The only good solution is to really have some family in Uk and have a ""residentialcertificate form" writen by them and fully officially registred ; in this case you are perfectly on the "Schengen European rules of free exchanges"

Ian Anderson

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Unfortunately, as soon as I get a new info, it becomes harder to homologate in CH.

I will keep on searching to find a solution but it seems to be hard. :cry:

I will let you know as soon as I've got news.

And I've got a question for Ian, How much (approximately) would all (insurance, taxes,...) cost if I let it as a UK car? Is the MOT inspection inevitably every year or is there a possibility to have it less often ?
Ok here goes
My car value £32000 guaranteed value insurance is £300 per year including breakdown cover in UK. Extend breakdown cover to the EC for about £20. They will also cover organised track days for damage but first amout payable goes to 10% of insured value (3200 in my case). European track day cover is also able to be covered but an additional premium is payable. The policy I have is limited to 3000 miles per year but again can be increased with a phone call and £20 additional to go to 6000 mile limit. I find the3000 mile limit is fine.

Road tax disc is £230 or there about and will increase by about £10 every year.

MOT has to be done once a year and current cost is £56 from memory

Insurance, road tax and mot makes it legal to be driven in the UK and also the EC.

Prices above for insurance is EC I have not enquired about Switzerland cover but would not expect it to be much of a problem.

Hope it helps

Thanks Ian for your answer but the MOT is a problem. It's not very convenient if I have to come every year in England...

Does anyone know more about homologation in France? I've got an address in France so I could eventually register there. It seems to be easier than in Switzerland. Do they look only at the first registration date?

Thank you in advance
Forget homologation in France ; it's the worst place to have a kit car !!
ABSOLUTLY no way to have a kit car homologated if you do not pass all U.T.A.C tests including a crash test for the company providing the kit !!! means something like more than 80 000 euros !! Better to buy a modern Gt !!!!

Al guys driving " unusual" cars do this with fake form papers ( carte grise) at their own risk , some with Ultima's ( very very few) have everything registred in UK as explained before

Long time ago this was possible ( years 70's ) if the manufacturer of kits had previously homologated one car ( Buggy Makes ,Jidé ,etc etc)

So ........................................!!!!!!:lipsrsealed:
I've got question for you Michel. What you said is for a first new registration or is it different if the car has already been homologated in an other European country? Because I've got the opportunity to buy a KVA which has papers from portugal. So if the car is already homologated in Portugal, is it easy to homologate it in France?
When you want to have a car registred in France ( say have french circulation paper and French numbersigns) They ask you to provide a form named ; Certificat d'homologation des mines françaises
this form is the registration of the manufacturer that proves that a similar car have pass all test necessary following French rules for road cars ; this mean that if you buy a car ( whatever brand of car including kit cars etc ) you need to ask to the manufacturer this form !!!
Then sometimes in France front turn lights or some other stupid items are different so you have to adapt the car to this specific homologation , buy new parts and fit them before to go to "controle technique"!!!

So as I suppose KVA never did French road tests ( and probably never Tuv or whatever "European directive ") you will never obtain this form and never be able to registrate the car in France !

the only GT40 "KITcar"( and they are very very very few ) I know being fully French homologated with official French documents are the one from a company named Martin ( closed sinces decades) when they where producing homologated kits in the years where rule permitted this .

Do you know that Europe is only Europe for trading , money , bank profit and political interest in confront of rest of world but concerning car homologation and specificly kit car free circulation every single country have his rules and his interprétation of EU rules
By chance UK is the last fantastic country where people manufacturing stuff for automobile is well considered so kit car Industry is still ALIVE !!! until some stupid European politics will want to apply strictly all rules of homologation for road car to every EU country .....
But watching how UK government is strong facing all these stupid and unnecessary EU rules Kit industry will live more years I guess
Our channel friends have Pound and Poridge ,not Euros , but they have Lot of clubs and guys enjoying their Kit cars !!!
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