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Hi everyone, I have just been invited to join this site by a customer who thought I should be here. Many Thanks to him as its obvious that Im amongst Other Mad Dogs who love the GT40. I have two GTD40's for sale at present. One silver Road car RHD, Mid grey tungstone interior, Alumino grano gratto silver, Edelbrock Package engine, Msd Ignition, BRM replica wheels on VR tyres, Air con, Chrome Suspension, Crossover Exhaust,modified gearbox,billet flywheel, AP Racing organic Clutch, tilton starter,le Mans 9 hole grill, Rear mesh air grills, fully SVA approved car, registered, 300 test miles only. Serious offers taken, best offer accepted.
Second car Similar to above spec except, 320 hp engine, leather grey interior, air con, chrome suspension, 15 inch wheels and tyres, single box exhaust, fully SVA approved car, 85 test miles only. This car is now painted Gulf Colours and is being used in the new Bond movie (it gets a spray of bullets on a spare front end) And this enhances the provenance of this particular car. It has been painted gulf colours to emulate the 1075 chassis car. And from a camera angle it looks pretty good. Offers invited for this vehicle which should be back from pinewood in three weeks time.
MDA also supply a vast majority of GTD40 customers with parts at some time or another. Now that i am on this site please feel free to contact me for the best advice or parts for your GT40.Technical questions answered on Replica GT40, Vehicle inspections carried out on most GT40 or other component built vehicles. Thanks again to the brave customer who let me loose on this site! Many regards. Mark Sibley
Sorry Forgot mention on above page, The website that most of you may have visited as is an old site and the relavant details are incorrect. We have a new site under construction at present which will have all the new details and further contacts. However in the mean time, please contact me from this site or by e-mail. Thanks
Sorry Fred, nothing on my shelf second hand at present. I may have to change the interior on another car soon though (he wants a different colour) and that may be available. Ill let you know if it comes up.
Otherwise, I can quote you for new?
Regards Mark
Hello there - wondered if you could send me details of your parts suitable for GTD cars - especially brakes / handbrake - I have the std Granada system on my car which is adequate. I am also interested in the possibilty of fitting a fuel injection system to replace the Holly,

Look forward to your reply here or by email, [email protected]
Hi Cookee, I have many brake upgrade options
If you are using 15" wheels then the choice is down to 4 main options. I can fit 4 pot fronts with larger vented discs, and at the rear either larger single pot caliper with handbrake or four pot with separate h/brake.
I can also supply 6 pot fronts. E-Mail me direct for pricing sheet and comparisons. Fuel injection is available for the 302 in the form of weber throttle bodies with injectors of a main rail. With Electronic mapable managements. Or single point F.I. It depends how much you want to spend and appearance. Throttle bodies look good, original, and suit the car. They are easier to install, though throttle is tricky sometimes if you don't get the pull just right. Smoother and better performance will be achieved. Perfect for upgraded engines, just adjust your map. Some of the guys have already gone down this route. Let me know if you want further details. All the best
Mark Sibley
Cookee, Im down Devon (Exeter) every other Weekend at the Moment. If you are not far from there, I could pop over and advise or chat about GT Ok. Just saw your location, small world sometimes!