Superformance GT40 For sale

Scott H

The Superformance GT40 continuation is built to exacting standards authorized by Safir Spares – in fact over two thirds of the rolling chassis’s parts are interchangeable with that of an original car, including the ‘monocoque” style chassis
Superformance GT40’s are built for the street and feature air conditioning standard just like the original GT40 street car P/1028
This particular car chassis number P2355 is my personal GT40 with less than 1,000 miles on the odometer, is heavily optioned and available now. Titled as a 1965 Superformance GT40 this car has a Roush 427SR engine with a custom AED carburetor, Silver ceramic headers and bundle of snakes. It has a 5 speed Quaife transaxle with a custom Olthoff shifter. It has been fitted with a large volume racing oil cooler with custom ducting and fan. The Avon tires stick like glue and have less than 1,000 miles on them with no track time. The custom Indigo Blue Gulf color is a special option from the factory.

Following Is A List Of Factory And Custom Options:
  • Numbers painted in roundels
  • Gulf Color Paint scheme
  • Gurney bubble drivers side
  • Painted Halibrand style wheels
  • Painted quicklifts
  • Painted aluminum eyebrows
  • Reverse light
  • Front painted canards
  • Olthoff Shifter
  • Custom bullet side mirrors
  • "R” type round fog lights
  • “R” type adjustable rear wing
  • Double Pin rear clam clips
  • Custom hydraulic rear clamshell props
  • Custom hydraulic front lift kit
  • Custom front aluminum hood prop
  • Tool room interior door handles
  • Custom floor and door sill mats
  • High volume racing oil cooler
$254,900 Call Scott Holley at 317-714-7586 or email at [email protected]


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It looks like a terrific car, but why are you selling it after such low mileage? Also, I am having some work done on clutch activation on my own Superformance GT40 MKII, and wonder whether you are using a hydraulic throwout bearing.


/s/ Chris Kennedy

Scott H


I am a Superformance/Shelby Legendary car dealer. This car is my personal car and I am having built a Ken Miles edition MK2 to play with for a few years. I don’t need two as I am also a collector and have over 40 cars in my personal collection. When I get tired of one I make room for another.
I do have a hydraulic clutch and use hydraulics in all the SPF and Shelby cars. I also use hydraulics in all of my vintage race cars.
Thanks for asking,