Gt40 wanted

Looking for a Gt40 Cav RCR Superformance must be titled 60 to 70 max. I live in Georgia very strict tag and title laws.Please let me know Thank You !

Fran Hall RCR

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Hi John...nice chatting with you the other day......that's a little light on the $$$$ for any of the brands you mention...good luck on your search
Everything is for sale for a price. What range are you planing on spending? Did you want an OEM type car or just a looks like it driver? ZF or Audi gearbox? Fire suspression system or just a clip on extinguisher?

Dave Hood

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John - hard to find a decent GT40 that is currently road ready for $80,000. I know that most cars that are well maintained are selling for well above that amount.
KEEP LOOKING................ERA is a fantastic car. look on e-bay, club cobra carsonline, autabuy, cobra country, google gt40 for sale. and you will find a lot of cars for sale from 50k to 90k........they are out there you just have to network and find them. best regards domenic saia
I paid 73,000 then spent money to de bug mine I think you look between80,000and100,000 to get a good road ready car.i think if you just looking to get the cheapest car your in the wrong hobby. If you have the skills to do the work you can save or like me I pay because I don't have the skills