GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired) **SOLD**

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Hi all,
An event has caused me to sell this great car. This was Brian McCarthy's car which traded to Ellis Hubbard. It apparently is the last GTD-40 off the line and is painted gulf racing colors. Below is a link to Brian's build and the build specifications. Looking to get $69,500 :stunned: and you ship from Oregon, USA.

Please email me direct at [email protected] or call me 971-570-4785 for current pictures.

I'll post pictures once I get security clearance.
Thank you,

Gulf Racing inspired GTD-40 Specifications are as follows:

• GTD Lightweight chassis, very likely the last Ray Christopher chassis to leave the factory.
• Left Hand drive, left hand shift configuration, converted utilizing Roy Smart components
• Left hand shift to R-21 transaxle mechanism designed and manufactured by Roy Smart
• Door handles and fitting packs
• Aluminum door eyebrows
• Gurney bubble for driver’s side (chose not to install)
• GTD Aluminum explosafe fuel tanks
• Swan necks and fuel filler caps
• GTD Steering rack lifted to correct bump steer.
• Steering column with steering wheel
• GTD Windscreen, bronze tinted
• GTD body catches, mounting bars and stays
• F.A.V. Chassis plates engraved with GTD Chassis number, GTD40012020037099
• One off aluminum paneling, assembled to the chassis with 3M 5252 and BLIND pop rivets (no water intrusion). Dynamat backed where possible and chassis voids filled with expanding foam to create ridgid quiet structure.
• Aluminum interior.
• Bill Howe seat shells
• Bill Howe deep nostril conversion
• Bill Howe rear brake coolant ducts
• FIA Sanctioning rear rollover struts manufactured by Roy Smart
• Harness bar

• Front
o Ray Christopher fabricated big bearing front uprights. No flex, these uprights are monsters
o Southern GT upper front A arms with ball joints(comes as extras)
• Rear
o Stock fabricated rear uprights, I intended to mill them out to remove weight
o Upper and lower trailing arms converted to ball joints, the fabricators screwed up the first set but I have D.O.M. tubing and weld-in threaded inserts to make an new set. Also includes additional weld in bungs to convert upper dog bones to ball joints.
• SPAX shocks
• The entire car has been constructed with AN fasteners from Pegasus Autoracing, including bolts, washers and aircraft style locking nuts.
Brakes: Designed and manufactured by Precision Brakes Company
• Front -325mm x 32 mm 2 piece slotted rotors, Willwood BSL6 six piston calipers
• Rear – 310 x 32 mm 2 piece slotted rotors, Willwood Forged Superlite 4 piston calipers
• Precision Brakes mechanical parking brake
• Ford parking brake actualtor
• Adjustable pedal box, left–right-fore-aft, with Tilton # 72-628 forward swing pedal set, triple master cylinder setup, including balance bar and necessary 75 series master cylinders for clutch and brakes
• Includes flex hoses, cables and all necessary pads
• Inline tube stainless brake line kit

• PS Engineering 6 pin drive wheels with knock on spinners
• 17x 8 front
• 17x 10 rear
• Ray Christopher pin drive wheel adapters.
• Tires- Yokahama

• Headlights, taillights, directionals, reverse lights and Hella 90 mm driving lights
• American Autowire, Highway 22 panel wiring kit
• American Autowire 1/0 battery cable kit, 1/0 gauge
• Two SPAL 1300 cfm cooling fans with 185 degree temp sensor
• Correct Smith’s period instruments
• Windshield wiper kit
• Hella Horns
• Powermaster 100 Amp one wire alternator
• Odyssey DryCell Battery, very small but does the trick
• Odyssey battery tray
• Tilton part #54-10007 geared starter with custom adapter, turns this motor like a turbine.
• Holley electric fuel pump
• GTD Factory heater/defroster setup
Transaxle: From Mach I services
• R21T UN1-13
• 3.44 differential
• Converted for either left or right hand shift
• Solid 1st/2nd fork connection
• 1st and 2nd double sprung syncro selector
• Gearbox internals fully checked and overhauled with springs, seals bearings and forks replaced where necessary.
• Drive flanges, axles and CV joints included.
Engine: Built by the Engine Factory, hot run and tested, approximately 380 hp, includes video of engine running on the bench.
• Blueprinted machined 302 Roller Block version
• Nodular Cast Iron Crankshaft
• Shot peened hardened connecting rods
• Federal Mogul 10:1 CR Hyperuetectic pistons
• Heavy Duty double roller Dynagear Timing set
• Comp Cams Hydraulic camshaft # 35-430-8 224 / 224 duration @ .050 .560 / .560 Lift
• Comp Cams 1.6 to 1 Ratio Pro Magnum Roller Rocker Arms
• Edelbrock RPM Aluminum fast burn cylinder heads with stainless 2.02 “ valves and hardened locks, chrome moly retainers and HD valve springs.
• Melling high volume oil pump
• Canton baffled road race pan, 8 quart
• 2 quart Accusump pre-oiler surge protector, to be installed
• Edelbrock performer RPM dual Plane intake
• Edelbrock 650 cfm 4 barrel AVS carb with electric choke
• Ford Racing short nose water pump
• Rebuilt radiator
• Stainless coolant tubes
• Aluminum overflow tank
• Small diameter Accel billet distributor, accel 300 series electronic Ignition with Accel coil
• Custom crossover tuned headers
• Magnaflow mufflers
• Custom flywheel
• Steel Adapter plate to transaxle

Required to complete
• Mirrors and full graphics kit from Raceline Digital


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Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

Very nice, the left hand drive, left hand shift is somewhat unusual.

Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

left hand shift is somewhat unusual.
That's for sure !

Very nice seats indeed, exactly the look I want for my car. May I ask who was your supplier for these nice items (are they built around steel tubes or are they made like the originals back in the days, hooked on the firewall and lying on a shaped floor ?)
Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

Hi Pierre-Louis,
They are the Bill Howe seat shells with a local upholstery fabric installer. Nylon with brass grommets. They are nice and you slip right into them. They fit into the car without hooks or fasteners. I'm certain you could do fabrication and add those elements if you want...

Hope this helps, Matt.


Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

Hi Matt

Interesting to see Brian McCarthy's car surface again. He and I had many chats when he worked on this car. Sorry to see you now selling it on. Tongue in cheek, the real reason you are selling is clear from one of your pictures! You have two gulf coloured cars and can't decide which is the right blue so one just has to go!

Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

Matt, I too am liking those seats. Forgive my stupidity but who is Bill Howe and how do I get a hold of the local shop who did the work. Good Luck with the sale...this is a very nice car at a very good price.
Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

Matt, I too am liking those seats. Forgive my stupidity but who is Bill Howe and how do I get a hold of the local shop who did the work. Good Luck with the sale...this is a very nice car at a very good price.
His name is Bill Hough, he's a great guy and composites fabricator who lives in Massachusetts, and his user name on this site is DaytonaBill. He hasn't been active on this site for a long while, but you can try to email him at [email protected].
Re: GTD-40 For Sale (Gulf Racing Inspired)

Hi all,
The GTD-40 is now Licensed and titled as a 1966 Ford gt-40 Replica.

Plates and registration are in-hand. Title takes about a week to get from the State.
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